" Axis " Plugin for ZBrush 4r2

Hy dear Zbrush users, here is an old Plug in wich I made for ZB 3. Now I made it new, so it works perfect on ZB 4r2.
It’s a really symple plugin where you quick can switch to different views of a tool.
Just unzip the file ant put it in your startup/ plugin folder.
After starting Zbrush you will find a new subpallete " Axis " in your toolpalette.
Hope you can use this easy help.

Greets from Switzerland



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Thx Roland :slight_smile:

I assigned the keys to my keypad. Works great. Thanks.

:+1: This is gonna be great, I don’t know why it’s not a standard feature:roll_eyes:.

One for perspective view and one user defined :D; Please?


Hi dear ZBrush users, here is an update to my “Axis” plugin.
To put a perspective button into this plug in makes no sense to me.

Hope you enjoy it.


You’re awesome

Thanks my friend. Outstanding job!:smiley:

Thank you for this update :+1:

This is terrific! I was pleasantly surprised to find this is not a plugin but is always available from the menu (at least in my set-up, on the right). It is a great surprise and extremely useful. Thank you very much!

It is so much easier to use zbrush when there are definite camera positions to refer to. Your solution is great. Thank you.


Hi guys, thanks for all your supporting comments. I found some mistakes on the bottom axis which I fixed now.
Sorry for that mistake:confused:;)!

Greets Roland

Thank you.
I use it a lot.

This really helps in learning ZBrush and saves time in hard surface modeling, symmetry and just rotating accurately so as to not need to adjust brush size as much. It speeds workflow and may help when I create something worthy to try and position for movie timeline.
Thank You,

Thanks a lot.
Really missed something like this.
Pretty cool for short animations too.

Thanks a lot, great plugin.

very very useful! many thanks

Thank you =) ZBrush makes sense to me now your Awesome =)

First - just wanted to say thanks for contributing this to the community. Simple and useful! Very much appreciated.

Second - There is one feature that I wanted to suggest, though it may be a little beyond the scope of the plugin you envisioned. In Texture\ImagePlane\Reference Views there is an option to Store View and some Arrow Icons to step through stored/standard views. I think it would be useful for your plugin to have this functionality, maybe as an extra feature somewhere at the bottom of your custom menu. People could generate a list of views based on your already setup presets, add a specific view, and control stepping through the views with two hotkeys (for the arrows) or a touch ring.

Great stuff! Thanks,


Looks like something’s wrong, but not sure.