A Gift From Pixologic

I hope. You are the specialist.

Something just occurred to me. How is this a gift when it was already freeware?

This is great news! DrPetter will no doubt be a great addition to the Pixologic team, and I’m sure Pixologic will provide a great home for Sculptris.

ZBrush and Sculptris have a few things in common certainly, but with zBrush adding animation to an already impressive set of painting tools there is still a place for an elegant and intuitive application like Sculptris.

This is my first actual model with Sculptris, no manual or forum assistance required! :smiley:

After I saw Keith Lango Talk about this application, I saw the youtube videos, and saw it was one programmer that developed it, I thought…Man… This will probably get hired as a programmer for Pixologic… I also thought in my head that “Pixo would be silly, dumb and crazy, if they don’t hire this guy”… I’m so excited for this guy… and I don’t even know him, but he definitely deserves this gig…

I can’t wait to see what he brings to the Pixologic Table.

Again, what is new about Sculptris? It looks like a ZB-clone like other programs that will follow the next time. I hope it will make ZB more strong in making better software but I also hope to see more ‘Sculptris-guys’ around with a better relationship with customers.

i’m kinda hoping this builds into a plugin for zbrush down the track for people who are baffled by z spheres. later being incorporated as a brush by ZB5

as a standalone i saw this a few weeks back, i told our main programmer the interface wasn’t very good for use on cintiq, and being stuck in texturing mode unable to edit geometry anymore was a huge bottleneck for my workflow.

but the premise of just endlessly sculpting new geometry outwards forever is more akin to how i think z brush should rough stuff in. just retopo at the end for your base mesh.

Congrats Tomas!

PS> it is me son kim

Very promising…innovative.Congrats man.

Tomas Pettersson is brilliant. Everyone should be excited about this.

Now get to work on the Mac version :slight_smile:

What kind of updates are in this release? better performance?

I guess you missed it:

“The current version, formerly known as Sculptris 1.02, will be renamed under Pixologic banner as Sculptris Alpha 5.”

Usually it´s sad to hear that a big company takes over a small project that was created by a single person. But as a satisfied customer I really trust Pixologic with this one. Especially because we got so many great upgrades for free, unlike from other big companies that barely make any changes bigger than just changing the icons. Therefore I don´t see this step as an attempt to destroy a rival, but rather as a smart step to bring fresh mind into the team and explore new techniques, technologies and improve the tools.

good luck with this one, Pixologic :+1:

exactly! They probably didnt even need to buy the programm just give him
a creative job, so where else then pixologic :+1:small_orange_diamond:D:+1:

wow…this is a program I downloaded a month ago, and now it’s offered by Pixologic…amazing…?#&???

This is pretty cool. Would be nice if the triangles got taken out as you smooth the surface flat.

Sculptris is something of a second revelation after what Zbrush had done to the industry some years ago. Once there’s a natural merge and some of the conventionalities of Sculptris inspire Zbrush, too, to accept a few more of them, it could well become another giant push into a better world for artists.

There is a slight teardrop to the departure of Sculptris and its development from the “free” world, but with the proper respect of the aquiring party, pixologic, and its monumental following, it could certainly reach another level of greatness altogether.

Tomas is one of the most brilliant and promissing guys I’ve ever met and it gives me great joy to see that someone can support his continuing focus on the subject of 3d sculpting. I sincerely hope he will be given the freedom to let his mind wonder into all his other directions, so his full and fresh capacity can function when it comes back to Zculptris. :wink:

Very cool. Quick test sculpt…

I found Sculptris a week or so ago. It was comfortable to use from the get-go. I don’t use these types of apps regularly so I prefer something that doesn’t require me to recall the location of so many tools, submenus and settings like ZBrush does.

Sculptris is more my speed. Can’t say I like that bumpy wavy action when I mouse over to choose a tool, makes me feel nauseous, but otherwise the UI was ok. I sure wanted to mouse zoom - the less keyboard action the better.

the download link doesn’t appear to be working…all i get is this

“This server can only be accessed by the proper referring server.”

Congratulations to Tomas!:+1:

I do hope Sculptris stays as a easy to use cheap-free program as being unemployed I can’t afford Zbrush. :grimacing: