A Gift From Pixologic

For the past 10 years Pixologic, and the award winning ZBrush, has been recognized for its ground breaking innovation, ‘cool’ creativity and enabling artists to open new vistas of possibility with their skills and imagination.

Our focus and intention has always been to create and share innovative, user friendly, yet powerful tools that help artists intuitively enjoy and freely harness their creative talents, as exemplified by the plethora of top artist testimonies, brilliant artwork and application in blockbuster movies and games, and of course, the fantastic images that surrounds us all here at ZBrushCentral.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the converging versions of ZBrush 4 for Win and Mac to be released imminently on 8/9/10.

Consistent with this ethos and spirit to help you, the artist, unleash the creative beast within, we are currently developing other exciting future products.

As a taste of things to come, Pixologic would also like to give you a little appetizer ‘goodie’, an Alpha version of Sculptris for Windows - a unique, very ‘cool’ artistic modeling application still in raw baby stage and now incubating at Pixologic HQ.
The current version, formerly known as Sculptris 1.02, will be renamed under Pixologic banner as Sculptris Alpha 5.

Sculptris is the brainchild of the bright programmer Tomas Pettersson. Sculptris has captured the hearts of artists with its fun, intuitive and user-friendly interface - indeed a perfectly sweet companion to our big monster ZBrush! Tomas will be moving to California, from Sweden, to join our team. It is our pleasure to welcome Tomas and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration on future Pixologic projects.

If you enjoy ZBrushing, we are sure you’ll appreciate this!

Try it out, play with it, have fun, make some great artwork and share your art with us in the newly open Sculptris forum
here in ZBrushCentral. This new forum will enable Sculptris artists to share and communicate with other Sculptris users, as well as other leading artists who frequent ZBrushCentral.

Enjoy the journey!

The Pixologic team

To download Sculptris for Windows, please click here.

Welcome Tomas Pettersson! I have never used Sculptris but I’ll have to give it a go! Thanks Pixologic. =)

the birth of pixologic voxel-technology …looking forward to it in the upcoming zbrush versions maybe zbrush 5:D

I have been using sculptris for a while now, its a joy to use, the way the mesh builds itself evenly as you add more clay or stretch the model is the absolute puppies nuts.


woowwww i think he deserves it and u deserve him either good luck guys

is that a Voxel app for real? I am going to give it a try for sure.

Thats awesome! Pixologix rules! Ill give it a try!


Wow! Just today I was testing sculptris, and now this. Well congrats to Tomas Pettersson :+1:

No it is not voxel technology, it is dynamic tessellation. Where you sculpt, the application tessellates the mesh as needed.

Personally I find this a little saddening. I’ve enjoyed Sculptris as a stand alone from other applications, I only hope that it isn’t completely squashed or absorbed into zbrush.

Very interesting…nice app! :+1:


Don’t get confused, Sculptris is not a voxel sculpting app. It has a few nice features, but there are many things voxels can do that it can’t.

i’d say it obviates the need for voxels… as if zsketching didn’t do a tremendous job of that already!

same advantages, just much much faster.


fantastic recruitment! this would indeed be a super cool addition to zb!

welcome tomas and rock on!



wow, the ramifications of sculptris tech mixing with ZBrush 4 are gamechangers IMO.

I’ve been using voxel based apps for some time now, and sculptris, albeit not an actual vox app, is an awesome and a powerful tool I’ve enjoyed since Sculptris beta 1(back in the day).

Very well played Pixologic!


Great news !!! I am really excited about this ! Welcome Tomas :+1:

Congrats, I tried out your app a few weeks back and I was really impressed. I really love how you can just pull out “clay” from existing model and then you can just go to town. I love to see things move in this direction.

Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

Good news! congratulations to both Tomas and Pixo. Hopefully something good will come from this. :slight_smile:

And in swedish…

Grattis till nya jobbet Thomas, lycka till och hoppas allt går bra. :slight_smile:

/ Magnus

really Amazing news!, i discover sculptris here in the free bees thread! and it’s a really cool program with a lovely interface, extremely talented the guy who develop this app (Tomas Pettersson), and just for hobbie,!! that’s even more cool! :+1:, CONGRATULATIONS Tomas, you really desserved to be part of this great company, and thanks for this gift Pixologic now let’s gonna spend all the afternoon playing with this! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: