3D Print for Toys

These are really wonderfull Hiroshi!!

Thank you for posting these photos! You have inspired me to try this as well!

Hiroshi Blog Spot please use Google Language toolsto translate from Japanese to English.
Please read several pages! Its fasinating!


1: What did you use to change the ZBrush OBJ file to a STL for the 3D printer? CD4?
2: What is the surfacer you used?
3: Did you use sandpaper to polish the masters down? How did you get in all the small places?
4: What is the toys made out of? I am thinking of useing Alumilite.
5: What paints did you use that are child-save?

These are great and I see you are selling a limited number at Siggraph! I wish all your hard work pays off! Thank you for sharing your process in the blog. Very educational!

Thanks for sharing and inspirering.:smiley:

Upham :slight_smile:

These are awesome!

Great job and thanks for sharing your process. I did a lot of that kind of stuff in a former life, so I can appreciate how much work goes into all that finishing.
I just love seeing it done starting with a Zbrush sculpt!

Hey Patton! Who are you using for your SLA prints?

Ralf Stumpf! When are your going to turn some of your designs into toys?
I bet they would be extremely popular if you did.


I use this.
It’s like legos. Plastic wrap! That’s great idea! I try it next time.

THanks. I also use Google Language tools and translate program to write/read English.

>> 1: What did you use to change the ZBrush OBJ file to a STL for the 3D printer?

I use Cinema4D to export STL file.

>>2: What is the surfacer you used?


>> 3: Did you use sandpaper to polish the masters down? How did you get in all the small places?

Of course, I use sandpaper. I put sandpaper on styrofoam board, and I cut that small, and use. And I use needle files.

>> 5: What paints did you use that are child-save?

I use lacquer for plastic model.
As for the toxicity of that, I don’t know much.

>> so I can appreciate how much work goes into all that finishing.
Thanks, I spent three months on ZBToys.
I want to see Stumpf’s figures, too.

Hi folks.
I love to see work like Hiroshi’s. Super clean !

I thought some of you might like seeing a ZBrush sculpture rapid proto-typed by micro machineing.
We have been doing a lot of this type of work lately.
As you can see the head is part of a bust sculpture. There is a flying saucer base too, (not shown here) we did in another CAD software.
We just cut the finished sculpt up into pieces (in CAD) that can be machined without distorting. As you can see, the finished part right off the machine has a much smoother surface, sharper detail and will require very little clean up before master molding it.
The head took two hours of modeling in ZBrush, and the wax took six hours to machine.
Not bad for eight hours work !
Another nice thing is the CAM software we use can accept some really high poly meshes.

We are very much ZBrush junkies around here, and are very excited about the future.

I will post some more pics of machined ZBrush sculptures soon.

All the best,
Mike PCI



hiroshi, really beautiful work as always and wonderful looking ‘toys’. You’re characters have amazing personality.

Are you doing sets? I might like to order a set, just so I can be cool! :wink:

I agree about getting Stumpf to do this! :wink:

Can we get Toys of Your Scary Toons as well, soon? 8))))
This is going to be great! Hiroshi, i really like Your works.
Congrats on the Toys!

Mike PCI - Please post some more pictures! I’d love to know where you do your printing (how much does it cost??)
Do you make a mold from the Wax and what do you make it from? Doesnt the wax melt? Fasinating stuff!
Upham :slight_smile:

Mike PCI
Very Nice! I want to get like this machine.
One of the ZBToys, I had it printed with the machine like them. I post the images to ZBC soon. The surface of that is smooth.

Jason Belec, Ai02
Thanks. I will sell ZBToys. I will release each one or two toys in every several months.
There is stock in Ga-Duck & Cal.





Mike PCI, Please tell me how you made that alien head, it is fantastic, I’ve never seen a 3D RP with a surface as clean as that! is it from a machine you own, or did someone make it for you because I’m very interested in doing the very thing you are showing here. Thanks–





this is brilliant stuff Hiroshi!!

the alien head was made on one of our machines in house. But, Our machines are not RP “printing” machines. We do mostly CNC machining.
We worked out a way to cut up the models in CAD, in a way that makes them very friendly to CNC machining.
We tried a lot of different RP “printing” machines over the years, but CNC micro machining is faster that any RP accept maybe the Eden 333. But, even the Eden series cant give you the kind of detail a piece of smoothly machined wax can.
So, thats why we do it that way.
As for molding, we use platnium cure silicone. Silicone loves polished wax. You get great castings.

I will post more pictures soon.
All the best,
Mike PCI

thanks for the kind words.
We have two machines we use for this type of model.
We use the Model Master 2500 CNC mill and the CNC 1000 mill.
These are not RP “printing” Machines they are CNC mills.
I like Model Master mills better than Roland mills because they are very solid machines and they have more axis range for bigger parts and MUCH better CAD CAM software.
The 2500 is the biggest mill we have. It can cut objects as big as 12x12x4.
We cut wax, foam board, poly carbonate, delrin, aluminium, and bismuth.

If you need more info feel free to email me .

I will post more pictures soon.

All the best,
Mike PCI

here’s 1 of the cheapest printers on the market:
interesting technique

Hi folks.
Got some new pics of another ZB sculpt that we machined in wax.
As you can see it was really tricky because the the client needed the part to have a max 1mm wall thickness.
Which is not possible on many RP machines.
Using ZBrush to do this sculpture was a god send.
It was made up of 4 subtools.
Face, body, pillow and the twist of cloth.
The pillow and twist were made from Z sphieres. The face was base modeled in Maya and the body was a base model from Maya, which was a shrink wrap of a 3D scan of a sculpture. :eek:
Sometimes we have to jump through a lot of hoops.

I will post more ZB projects soon.

All the best,
Mike PCI



What wax to you use? Freeman’s Machinable wax? What do you polish the wax with?

Thanks for that follow up MikePCI, its really appreciated. Heres the link to the machines for anyone else who’s interested.

LoL!!! This machine is like something straight out of Gyro Gearloose’s workshop! I could imagine a cartoon where he would build a machine like that and then the Beagle Boys would steal it and use it to get uncle Scrooge’s money.

Can you do extremely detailed stuff with it?


I want to print my models tooo!!!:eek: