3D Print for Toys

Very interesting process

Super cooll design

I really like this thread! It’s exciting to see your progress! There is a lot of possiblities that zbrush can applied too! I found Union Model in China last night that can make some cool plastic toys from your 3d models. Not sure how much it costs at this stage. It makes me realise there could be a need for this type of business.

What are your toys made out of? Is it a hard and heavy??

Did you paint the surfacer on to bind the surface and fill in any air bubbles?

These would be great with transperant plastic!

Please keep posting any updates Hiroshi!!

Upham :slight_smile:

very nice.
i wish i could test those 3d-printers too.
u have some details about the prozess or the materials?
all i know is that there r a few different methods to print in 3d with different materials (even some metal is possible i guess).

those finished models look nice^^

I think so, too. I don’t know whether a process outside ZBrush is suitable for ZBC.

>> Questions:
>> What are your toys made out of? Is it a hard and heavy??
Yes, they are made from resin. They are not midair.

>> Did you paint the surfacer on to bind the surface and fill in any air bubbles?
Sometimes Yes., but I prevent the occurrence of the bubble as much as possible. I used only primer in the process of the final reproduction.

>> even some metal is possible i guess.
The other kind of machine, like rotary cutting machine can sculpt to metal.

Fhtagn! :smiley:

A lovely post Hiroshi, great to see you back again.
I look forward to seeing the final stages.

Thanks boozy

surfacer, sanding, surfacer, sanding, surfacer…
I repeated the process about 5 times.





Great characters! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this. I’d love to try this some day.

Cool Stuff!!

If Anyone is really interested in this , you should check out all the SLS and SLA printers out there, The Viper 1 & 2 are very cool!

The SLA’s are pretty amazing, I just did some really big “stuff” for the New Indiana Jones movie and the detail was pretty tight which meant we had to do very little clean-up.

We used a Rapid prototyping company near us and the only problem was that when the models got over 1.5 mill. polys they became to heavy for there computers (go figure!) So multi million poly models had to be broken down into smaller pieces for assembly later.


hey guys heres a company that can also do it for you.


emailed them a couple of times them seem very nice still havent done a model… yet.

Sure it is. :slight_smile: Please feel free to share.

always exciting when you see a Hiroshi Yoshii thumbnail in zbc, but this is super awesome, The big question is, are any of these available for sale? cause they are just kick arse, i tried looking on your site but my japanese lingustic capabilities are restricted to the opening theme from Evangelion :wink:

Don’t forget to check out www.bathsheba.com

She prints amazing 3d math models in solid metal! I think this metal printing technique would make some very cool zbrushed figurines.

Dont forget crystal insets


very nice detail encased in crystal.





Wow…they do look awesome and yummy (^_^) :+1: :+1:





Good job!

Are your mold boxes made of legos? I like them.

Also, a gentleman who knows a lot about casting suggested using stretch film to hold the two halves of a mold together. Stretch film is a plastic wrap used for packing things like this (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B000NHTUCY/sr=1-1/qid=1184335636/ref=dp_image_0/002-6338002-0873640?ie=UTF8&n=1064954&s=office-products&qid=1184335636&sr=1-1) .

incredible! big eye opener too, thank you tons for posting all of this!

apoc I’d really like to see a model if you get one made. I’d like to do this as well