3D Print for Toys

Hi all.
Recently, I am making my toys from resin.

I got an opportunity to use 3D printer "Dimension BST". I tried reality-ization of the ZBrush work. I will post images until the toys are completed.










That is realy cool,

wish i hade one myself.

Wow …that’s super cool!

I love the octopus and the tongue creature.

That’s pretty amazing!

That must be cool being about to actually physicly hold something you modeled in Zbrush like that.

I wonder how detailed that machine can get with the models that you make, or does it have limitations?

I totally want to do that with my sculpts :cry:

is there any information you could give me that would tell me the cost and whatnot?

cute characters, hiroshi ^^

you can rent it here in germany for 900€ a month or 25€ a day…
Price was like 25.000€ or something.


Can anyone post a link to someone who can do this online? I want a site where i can send my 3D models to be printed out!


cool stuff, this is a little of topic but Is aw a link a while ago about a desktop sized 3d printer, thouhg you guys may find it intresting http://www.desktopfactory.com/



supercool, i’d love to see some detailed mutant heads done in zbrush- went to reality

Yup this is some pretty fantastic stuff

There are some low range 3d printers available that will output WAX forms

Some of them with surprising detail, although the wax medium used is also very helpful in getting the right look too.

$8000 - $14000 for a low range 3d printer if i remember correctly, I did some looking into this a while back.

Resin medium prints are definately a more durable material to use, both wax and resin can be painted /dye’d as well.

The newest stuff on the market for 3d prints, and by far the most detailed are Polyurethane/Polyurea 3d prints…

Basicly a 2 component chemical mixtures is mixed under high heat as its passed through a mixing tube , when the 2 chemicals, 1 is a polyurethane resin, the other is an activating agent that “cures” the resin at high speed so it can be built up in layers.

I wouldnt know the pricetag on these printers, but I can say that polyurethane /polyurea painting and spray coating material runs about $150 for 600mlx300ml cartridge
That would likely build 1 model at about 6" high and 4" wide

benefit to polyurea’s is you could through the thing at a wall and likely not see a dent

thats awesome

Virtual to real ! :cool:

nicholasmarks: one of the places that I have seen online that does this sort of thing is 3D Art to Part (www.3darttopart.com). Their prices seem quite reasonable ranging from $40 to $80, depending on the size and complexity. I haven’t tried them yet and I am very curious to see how their process would handle a multi-million polygon ZBrush model.

Awesome. I was doing that sort of stuff before Zbrush2 came out. It was fun but I had to use Maya and the high polycount was killing me.

Here is a link to the website of a couple of researchers at Cornell trying to get a ‘3d printer on every desktop.’ They hope to revolutionize the 3d printing industry much like the altair computer did.


And this second link is to the kit that they sell. If I had the spare cash, I’d be all over something like this. So much fun! Design and build your own models, rather than buy kits from the store. Granted, I don’t know how detailed this one can print; I haven’t finished reading through everything, yet.


Heres a few links from me about this process!





I would love to break into this field! It would be gret to be able to go from screen to model quickly!

YOSHI - Do you have a kit that you can buy that you use (that blue box). What material do you use in the 3D printer???
Upham :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

The machine is for confirming the form of products. That is not high precision. The surface is very rough. I will post the images.
However, the machine is fast and easy for not specialist.

>>Can anyone post a link to someone who can do this online?

In Tokyo, the company is available for 3d print.

Substituted with resin. They are very rough surface.