ZTree Plugin

Hi dargelos

I´m playing around with CopyZS and PasteAround, PasteOriented and got a note that the limit of ZS copies is at 500.


Can you give us more ZS to copy?



That should be more than enough for a very nice tree :roll_eyes:
Be somewhat realistic, that is more than enough if used properly on your canvas.
It may gag with Fibermesh or Micromesh with any more(maybe with that), play with it.

Sure! I just limited to 500 because my initial idea was to replicate many simple branches… paste 10 branches of 500 will be probably very slow… I haven’t tried that many… but if you want more I can raise the maximum number.
Notice that you don’t have to press copy every time you want to paste…Maybe that’s what you were trying to do?

Anyway, there are a lot of things I haven’t explained at all… Sorry about that.

Notice that you don’t have to press copy every time you want to paste…

Ah, thank you for this tip, my mistake sorry. So 500 will be more than enough.:smiley:

I will explain a couple of things…
for example:
When you select a ZS and click on pasteoriented or Growangle the angle around the parent’s branch is determined by the cycle slider…if you click a second time with the cycle slider at 1 and 0 cyclerandom, the 2nd branch will be generated with 17.20 degrees angle with the first one…a third time 34,4 and so on… So you can complete a cycle clicking 21 times on the same ZS…
The cycle slider at 2 means 217,2=34,4 degrees , so you would need 11 clicks and the 11th branch will fall in the middle of the 1st and 2nd…
17,2=137.6 wich is close to 360/phi.

the same cycles sliders are used in multipaste and growbranches…

Great job on this. Looks very interesting!

Pretty awesome. Click start then grow branches about 3 times then frame the mesh. :wink:

Totally awesome, been waiting for something like this, even dug up the old Digits zifclick the other day hoping do to some copy/pasting.
Would it be possible to add a function to just copy a bunch of zspheres out from whichever zsphere you have selected instead of the whole thing, digits old script used to do that and i think it would be helpful for adding smaller zsphere count branches or other uses.

Yes, that’s a good idea. and I think its not hard to do.
But instead of copying parts of the tree on the same tree you could make the branches you plan to copy in a different tool. I made a little collection of branches and roots ready to be pasted. You can put all your parts in a tool with subtools. But what you propose is a very good idea and I am sure it can be done… Maybe in the next Update you will have it…

Thanks! I loved your Tile Helper plugin. And I am going to buy your eat3D DVD.

Super nice plugin! Thanks for sharing!



In this Update I added “one_click” tree generators, Helix switch,Y-lock Switch and Trim button.


Very good plugin !!!

Very useful, well thought, and it’s plain to see that you’ve put an huge amount of work behind it !!! Also very clever use of zScript capabilities.

I have looked quite a lot about 3d vegetation/trees solutions, and most of them are quite good for background trees (or that are not well seen in the shot) but for foreground/important trees they are often not so good (like making trunk and branches distincts objects, etc…) and resulting trees require lot of tweaking. And they are also not cheap at all !!! So I think your plugin is definitely very valid in this domain !!!

I didn’t play a lot with it, when I will have time I’ll try with classic skinning, wonder if it works well. Maybe in next releases you could add some slider to approximately control the random generated trees, like some global coefficient/limit. But that’s detail, the plugin is already very complete and awesome !!!

Congratulations and thanks !!!

Great idea! It will be very helpful, thanks!:smiley:

Very nice! Thanks for update!:smiley:

This looks amazing!!! thank you very much. anything to speed up my workflow.

im currently working on creating various leaf shapes to create an multi insert brush.

I think a tool for generating plants, foliage etc, would be a great addition for ZBrush! ZTree Plugin is a big step!:smiley:

i agree, maybe with preloaded leafs to choose from. also flowers and petals?

Well , for the leaves and flowers you can use fibermesh in conjunction with micromesh. I will try to make a video showing the process.