ZSpeed Session: Head Modeling


Hello again folks.
This is a new type of challenge:
ZSpeed Sessions.

  Object here is simple:
  </span>      :large_orange_diamond: 1 to 3 hours for completion of the theme. In this case, we are going to start things off with something simple, tried, and true...heads.
      :large_orange_diamond: Post wires (at least the low res) and different views of the model and don't forget to tell us how long it took. Don't include load and render times.
      :large_orange_diamond: The only other rule is all Z native work.
  </span>     I would like to encourage the recording and sharing of zscripts. Its not required but I stress their use for two reasons: It's there anyway, why not use them and also because it is a valuable tool to teach process, technique, and provide inspiration.

Also, if you have the time or are feeling slick, you can texture it and finish up. I promise, we won’t complain. But, finishing really isn’t required. This is good for those who want to do something but don’t have alot of free time. This is also good for those who don’t want to miss adult swim and want to make sure their couch doesn’t float to the ceiling. Blast them floating couches! If it wasn’t for them, I would get more work done…;):stuck_out_tongue:

Last but not least. It never ends. Thats right. It is a continuous challenge. This allows for new users to come and have fun in an older theme plus you can also come back and try again to see your own progress and attempt to best your previous session.

  Need a tool to help you time yourself?

Go [here](http://www.visualboo.com/freebies.htm) and download the timer. If anyone knows of a better app, let me know.

Okay yall, enjoy and have fun ZBrushing!      



I think this is a good Idea! :idea: Will be watchin this topic and try to find time to do my zcript :slight_smile:

Excellent! This should be an interesting thread.

I’ll write and post a ZScript-Timer tonight:)

[Edit] Due to scheduling conflict, I am not able to write the script today:( I’ll post the script as soon as possible.

Originally posted by Pixolator
I’ll write and post a ZScript-Timer tonight

With the code?.. pretty please :slight_smile:

.great challenge Mahlikus The Black ,i have a lot of work now but i want try somethink for this challenge ,this subjecT ?how long it will bE

.hehe… wow Pixolator you are so sweeT (-:
.i can’t wait for your ZScript-Timer

!good luck every onE

MTB, you’ve done it again! you’ve got us all fired up again!:D:D:D

i’ll starting mine in a few hours.

Great idea, MTB :smiley: Especially the “never-ending”-thing. I often miss such innings often because always a very “dangerous” decision to interrupt things im actually working on. :slight_smile: I would lose motivation very quickly…
I will find the time to take part!

The ZScript timer will be a great help, thanks Pixolator! :smiley:

Try not to laugh. One hour and ten minutes.

Ahh! No wires! I didn’t save it. Oh well.




Old man done in 36 minutes. Z-script.

Please turn off show actions in Z-script panel.

Well I am glad you all like the idea. One of my goal with this is to shake things up a bit.

Me too…hehe. :smiley: :wink: :+1:

Question though. Would this ZScript inferfere with a recording process?
Maybe a plug-in?

Here’s mine , 45 minutes , rendering not included.




Here’s Kingdok from the Bone comic series. took two hours, looking at it now i see much that needs to be fixed but when working quickly you don’t notice these things. :rolleyes: kingdokld.jpg



Andreseloy Head Speed Modelling session.jpg

I am trying to send also the zscript but could not because 700Kb, there you can see that the true intent time for modelling was 27 minutes with texture.
If some one is interested i can send vìa email.
Thanks for your attention


[attach=5525]Andreseloy Head Speed Modelling session.jpg[/attach]

[attach=5526]Andreseloy Head Speed Modelling session texture.jpg[/attach]

[attach=5527]ZTime Andreseloy Modelling Session.jpg[/attach]



Andreseloy Head Speed Modelling session.jpg

Andreseloy Head Speed Modelling session texture.jpg

ZTime Andreseloy Modelling Session.jpg

22 mins. Zsphere head…subD 7…here is the script…will post the pic in a minute or so…


thumbnail 1= base head zsphere model …no eyes, ears or teeth…depicts contents of script

thumbnail 2 = ears added, teeth and eyeball added

edit…now a thumbnail…main image colored= sokars skin, some paint with default brush, eyeball textured, teeth and gums painted, Pixolator dino light setup…all after the script took 40 minutes…slow system, render time was like 10 each time…o yeah and I used black fog, and render adjustments. that was fun…guess had I not been watching Copycat (serial killer flick with Sygorney Weaver) I would have finished a little sooner…fun excercise…


new main image touched up, veins added with simple brush, eye and lips creases, highlights and shadows touchups and some blur brush around the nostrils…may change the eye texture later…tweak by tweak… time spent on this round 25 minutes.


including a thumbnail of some psp 2d painted hair, though I know this is not for the challenge per say, thought I would include it in my groupings for grins and giggles…reminded me of zombie tarzan surfer boy on crack… :smiley:






My speedo model… knocked up a bald wonder, may pop back later with another.:slight_smile:


wow Grub! you havent lost your ztouch for sure:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Cool! But…where’s Zscript? :cool:

Thanks Ron, thanks Strannik:+1:
I’ll be a whippin’ up a scrip’ for the next head;)


in my homepage(in construction) you can copy the zscript of the Head Modelling Sessiom