I just started up my Z3.5! LOVE IT! Love Lightbox!


As some of you know, us old school ZBoys called Zspheres zifs.

Well, I’m gonna call Zspheres II Zskiffs for Sketching Zspheres…Two ff’s…lol.
Besides, it is easier.

So this will be my zskiff experiment thread. Too bad I am at work right now and I HAVE to teach today’s young minds about film and dramatic structure…but I’ll be back!Z3.5-SCREENSHOT.jpg

Wow this looks already nice, despite of its… “early state”.

can’t wait.
i was thinking about the zskiff thing and its easier to type zkif but sounds the same.

I agree that it is looking nice in its early state. However, I am skeptical of how it will turn into geometry such as an adaptive skin. I have not seen any of these new zsphere works as anything else. I am sure its only because not many ppl have the update yet but I am very interested to see how well it holds its forms. Thanks for sharing!

i’m also a little confused about being able to rig/pose in the early stages but it looks like you can’t sculpt on the skin and then pose (like in z2), so do you have to make your skin then sculpt on it then re-rig it?

First, Let me clarify that the above zskif is a tool that comes with the new Z and not a creation of mine. I only had enough time to turn on Z and take a screen shot.

As for the posing and sculpting abilities, this is something I am going to experiment with. Will be at it most of the weekend so stay tuned.

Cheers all!


looks like you can’t sculpt on the skin and then pose

-That’s no problem spaceboy, you use the “Bind” button under the ZSketch drop down menu and your Sketch Zspheres will follow right along with your Armature Zspheres.

I believe there is a video tutorial for the ZSpheres II that mention it. It’s called “Binding”.

3.5 !! haha zifs? that’s cool, i always call to zspheres, “pokeballs” hahaah, looking forward to see your zskiffs images!! :smiley:

agentsmith, i think you misunderstand, i would like to use the normal sculpting brushes on the skin generated by the zskiffs while it is still bound to the zsphere rig.
i guess i’ll have to wait and see.

Lightbox is a part of this release ? I thought it would be delayed in the 4.0 version…
Cool !

I guess it’s in in limited form to help you manage your models. The full version won’t be in until ZB4.

Not thatI would know for sure, mind you, as I’m still waiting on my copy… grumblefretmutter

Lol, yeah…Lightbox Lite…

I was just asked to film a volleyball game so I STILL can’t play with Z yet, Its gonna be another 6 hours before I do…sigh

Hope you get yours before then Bingo…;):+1:

See you all in 6 or so hours.


You can create adaptive skin with the new Zsketches. Adaptive skin is created from your zsphere armature. So all you have to do is make sure your armature fits inside your Zsketch and create adaptive like you normally would. Zbrush will then project out from the zsphere armature to conform to your zsketch. Only thing you may need to adjust is the size of some of your zspheres, if they are too small the projection might miss your Zsketch.

I am having a serious problem geting the turntable plugin to render a LARGE movie to show you all. The frame size it grayed out. If I can get any help with this I would appreciate it.

Here is a tease screen.


Plugins created for 3.1 are not compatible with 3.5. By using older plugins, you may get unexpected behavior, please wait for the updated plugins.
When they are ready they will be posted in here at ZBC.
You can, however, use the built-in Movie palette to create a movie.


         <center><i><b>Man, it is good to be back here.</b></i>
         After a few hours of finally playing with the new Ziff II sketching in Z3.5,

I finally made my first zskiff. I would like to thank Pixologic for creating a
new way to not only express myself but inspiring me again to come back
here to share, learn, and teach (whatever I may).

         This video was made to showcase the new zskiff, promote the use of Z

and hopefully convince my Administration to incorporate Z into my

         I do apologize to Pixologic for emulating their look and feel in this post

but I am also utilizing this as a lesson for my Advance AV Production
class as to the importance of professional, post work production and
product continuity (no matter how small the project may seem). As a
teacher, how would I look if I do not employ what I teach?

         <b>So here we go, enjoy!

:white_small_square:Click Below to Download The ZSkiff:white_small_square:


  <b>P.S.</b> I hate the tail fins..lol. They could have been a lot more organized.

Looks sloppy. Need more practice but I am not coming back to this
model. It is a true first try (with its awes AND flaws) and its time to move
on to the next and grow my zskiffing skills…lol.

          </center>![First-Zskiff-Splash-Screen.jpg|873x706](upload://gfp4TseWLrR92OLlLMNPDKwunev.jpeg)<a class='attachment' href='/uploads/default/original/3X/4/c/4c0739b2bd6d4ce425a2dd549c288db417fe49ab.zip'>MTB_zskiff_001.zip</a> (38.8 KB)![zskiff_tool-_dl.jpg|292x148](upload://zIdgsjp3UlkmULljLnVL5GkxfLr.jpeg)


:white_small_square:Download Below:white_small_square:
MAH Blue Shiney Sketch.zip (15.3 KB)MatCap-Setup-File.jpg

No need to apologize. Thank you for taking the time to add these fine posts to ZBC.

P.S. Welcome back:)

Totally Inspiring!!

Thank you Pixologic.

oh and Mahlikus The Black of course!!!