ZSceneManager plugin - (SubTools folders)

So I bought the rpo version and it is really great.

I would like to have an option to order my subtools alphabetically.

Also I have a problem: at one point, all my subtools names have been change by adding those characters at the end: “#1@” or “#2@”
Seems to be related to the group they are part of.

do you have any idea why?

Ok i just found out the "remove all group “restore names” option. So I guess the name change is needed for grouping.

Yes, strob. this is exact.

I will maybe add an ‘order by name’ in future version…

About naming:

  • Yes, the grouping hierarchy must be stored somewhere in your ZTL! And unfortunatly I have not found other choices than storing/encoding it in SubTool names. So it’s not a bug. This is the way ZSceneManager works.
    Moreover, in the next version, the specific character ‘#’ and ‘@’ will be replaced by some ‘_’ so that it becomes compatible with Maya.

  • But, as you said, “remove all group - restore names” allows to restore all your subtool names as they were before adding groups (without specific characters).
    But, as a consequence, you will lose all your groups.

Hey Max,
So I downloaded ZsceneManager and have not been able to get it to work yet. I’m on a mac, which could be my problem. Is ZsceneManager Mac compatible?

Hey LjSketch,
yes, ZSceneManager is macOsX compatible.
please send me:
-your computer specs + version of osX and ZBrush
-a screenshot of the error
at support@exoside.com.

About LjSketch ‘MacOSX’ post, I confirm that it works well on MacOSX.
I also want to let everybody know that, when you see this:

It does NOT mean that the plugin is not working. I just means that, in this case, you have started ZSceneManager without any Tool loaded and once you will have loaded a Tool, you will have to open the menu and click on ‘Update Full Tree’ to see your SubTools in ZSceneManager’s window.

Hi, many thanks for your plugin, however I got a problem when using it with zadjustor, the problem appear if I open zscene manager and then use the hotkey for zadjustor, at this point zbrush crashes. If I don’t use zscene manager, zadjustor works as always. Do you know a way to fix this issue? many thanks in advance

edit: another thing… your plugin is really good, the only thing I think need to be improved is the fact that you have to refresh continuosly the tree. a good fix could be that it refresh automatically when it need refresh, or at least a shortcut for refreshing…

Hello dannycool90,
Right now, I don’t have a solution to this problem.
I contacted the developper of ZAdjustor to try to find a solution either on his side (ZAdjustor) or on my side (ZSceneManager).

Hi all,

ZSceneManager 1.2 is released!
(free upgrade)

The 3 best new features are: (complete list here)

  • Merge for Sculpt’ : allows to sculpt, paint, pose, move/scale/rotate multiple SubTools all as one. (demo video)
  • ZBrush/User Commands’ : allows to execute ZBrush buttons/commands on all selected SubTools in one click. (ex: ZRemesher 10 SubTools in one click, Delete Undo History on all your SubTools in one click, Compute AO on all your SubTools…)
  • Hotkeys : allows to use and define hotkeys for ZSceneManager actions.

Here is a video presenting the new features.


You can download it here: http://exoside.com/zscenemgr/zscenemgr-download/

Happy ZBrushing to everyone.

Program works fantastically with Maya now! I highly recommend the software, it’s already part of my regular workflow now.

I got excited till I saw the lame “pro vs free”… It even requires an email so you can simply download the free version. On top of that, the hell is up with “non commercial” as if using a subtool selector in any way somehow makes you sell stuff?

< It even requires an email!!! >
Do you think asking for an email is too much? It’s not like they are obligated by law to release a free version and it’s not like typing your mail will put your privacy in danger…
What I understand by non commercial is: if you are making money and you use this tool regularly in your professional work-flow, then you might consider to support this and buy it even if the free features are enough for your work. I don’t think anybody is going to prosecute you if you don’t buy it but it just sounds like the right thing to do… This is how I see it. I honestly don’t see any reason to complain.


  • Chrisx: Thanks, There are a lot of artists using Maya and ZBrush together. So I hope this new version will help them too.
  • About the ‘non-commercial’: I wrote ‘non-commercial projects’, this means that you can use it for your personal projects even if you are a professional artist. As Dargelos wrote, my goal is receive financial support as soon as artists use ZSceneManager on professional projects, while still letting everybody use ZSceneManager Free version (which has most of the features inside).
  • Dargelos: By the way, very nice ZTree plugin!

Here is a new video explaining ZSceneManager 1.2 new feature: ‘Merge for Sculpt’.
(‘Merge for Sculpt’ allows to sculpt, paint, pose, move/rotate/scale multiple SubTools all as one)


Great feature ! This will be really useful, for sure !
Too bad it wasn’t developed earlier :wink:

Thanks for the updates Max


This is hands down the best add on for Zbrush I’ve seen yet. Absolutely fantastic tool that’s already saved me hours of time.
After checking the merge for sculpt video, I’m even more excited - this is everything that I wanted in Transpose Master :smiley:

I also strongly encourage anyone involved in production work to try out the user commands feature - it’s a godsend. I was able to create a custom user command for prepping models to render in Keyshot that preformed a 7 individual Zbrush command sequence on over 40 separate subtools. What used to take 20 minutes of button clicking using multiple plug ins now is condensed into a single command.

Anyone complaining about the way Exoside is handling their business affairs is way out of line. This is an essential tool that’s worth it’s weight in gold, and the response I’ve personally gotten from Exoside has been nothing short of outstanding.

  • Jay Kushwara

This is getting EPIC!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks for all the great tools developed Max!

It would be amazing if you could make a ‘layers’ version/addon of this plugin. Im finding it harder to close as I keep using it. Well done mate :slight_smile:

Just got PRO version and I must say its Brilliant !!! One thing I noticed is that after loading the plugin, my brush Imbed value drops itself to -70. I dont know why its doing that but just keep in mind if you notice strange behavior of your brush.

Badass! Whether I ever use more than 25 tools or not I think I’m going to by the Pro version anyway to support your continued work. $29, that’s a no brainer. Keep up the great work.