ZSceneManager plugin - (SubTools folders)



I would like to present my new ZBrush plugin: ZSceneManager!
ZSceneManager greatly enhances and speeds up your workflow as soon as you have a lot of SubTools.
Its main feature is the ability to arrange your SubTools with folders in a standard hierarchy tree. You can easily group and move your SubTools with drag-and-drop actions.
ZSceneManager also provides a lot of features to modify multiple SubTools in one action (rename, merge, delete, incremental rename…).
With ‘VisibilityConfigs’, you will be able to switch between multiple visibility configurations in a single click…

ZSceneManager overview:


(more video and tutorial here: http://exoside.com/zscenemgr/zscenemgr-video-tutorials/ )

*** You can download a FREE version here: ***

Many thanks to all guys who helped me to develop this plugin!


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I recommend it! Especially if you manage projects with 40+ subtools.

I use this great tool and it’s so usefull

Thank you max!

AWESOME! I love this so far, and it’s so useful.
quick question, when you use another plugin like Dynameshmaster etc this looses its connectivity (due to Zbrush’s ability to only run one plugin) so is “Update Full Tree” the best way to reconnect/restart?
also if Zbrush is fullscreen the Windows taskbar will flash when you select a tool, any way around that?

When you update your subtool number (ex: merge or duplicate out of ZSM) I recommend you update Tree.
But you can do what you want inside a subtool, that will not affect to your Zscenemanager list.

As davidfbarruz said, you don’t need to do an ‘Update Full Tree’ after a Dynamesh (from DynameshMaster).
But you are right, after the Dynamesh, ZSceneManager loses its connectivity in the direction ZBrush to ZSceneManager window. (the selection in ZBrush canvas is not updated in ZSceneManager window )
To fix it, you can simply select one SubTool in ZSceneManager window and the connectivity will be restored!

Thanks Max, this is working great.

Excellent plugin Maxime!!



I have followed the link to obtain the free plug-in but I am directed to Exoside website and required to enter a password.
Can anyone help.

I was modifying the website. It’s working now. You can retry!


Got it.



The new features are:

  • “TPoseMesh” + “TPose>SubT” : allows to use TransposeMaster with selected SubTools to easily move, rotate, scale or pose multiple subtools at once.
  • new MorphTarget column
  • Icons instead of Yes/No
  • You can choose which columns are displayed.
  • new commands : “SelectByName”, “InvertAllVisibility”.

Thanks this is very useful! Plus it solved a problem I had when naming my sub-tools while utilizing the underscore :smiley:

I used the plugin on the last project I worked on. Really powerful when you have a lot of subtools.

Keep up the good work Max, thanks :smiley:


This plugin is amazing and very useful! I want it! :smiley:

Hi there!!!
ZSCENE MANAGER is a great tool , after testing ,I can not live without MANAGER ZSCEN , but this is not the best.
The best thing is Maxine and support to solve the problems .
I was using ZSCENE Manager as a free user and after talking to Maxine about some problems that I have with ZSCENE MANAGER on my machine and see how the work of Maxine to solve this problem in a few days , this is great !!!

Thanks Maxine .

I recommend this tool greatly, facilitates the daily work with Zbrush .:+1:

Excellent plugin! Works like a charm, got the full version today. Very snappy, it’s a function I’ve wanted for years now.

There’s only a single issue that I can find, and that’s that Maya doesn’t seem to like “@” symbol when using the GoZ function. I can ungroup the subtool and send it over individually.

Looking forward to further development!


Hi all,

Recently, ZSceneManager has been used in production for a project realized by Backlight Studio.
They have used ZSceneManager for the design and modeling process of this robot.

I made a video to share with you 2 helpful features which has been a real ‘time-saver’ for this project:

  • Visibility Configs
  • TPoseMesh (TransposeMaster for ZSceneManager): move/rotate/pose multiple SubTools all as one.


Here is a link to their video: https://vimeo.com/146896105/7abbe386e6(Thanks to Backlight Studio for sharing the model, design and modeling by Alexandre Ferra and Aymeric Favre)

Thanks for all your comments about ZSceneManager.plan5_high.jpg

Wow! amazing plugin, I’ll try it right now. Should be integrated in zbrush!

Thanks Max for developping this amazing plugin and also used our works!

This tool is perfect for increasing both creativity and scene complexity.