Zpaste Plugin : paste any image from your clipboard in the texture menu or the Zbrush Spotlight

Zpaste.zip (36.4 KB)

Zpaste (Windows Only)
Hi, a small plugin i have created to paste an image from your clipboard to the texture menu or the Zbrush Spotlight.
Works well with Greenshot : greenshot https://getgreenshot.org/

Installation :
Put the files in ZPlugs64 : <your path>\ZBrush 2021\ZStartup\ZPlugs64 Folders.

Content :

  • A zsc file
  • A folder containing a dll and an empty tmp folder

How to use :
2020-09-02 12_55_26-Window

1- copy an image in your computer clipboard coming from any source, (view the tools section)
2- Go to the Plugin menu /zpaste, clic on paste (put a shortcut on this button, SHIFT+CTRL+V)
3- Go to the texture menu, an image will be pasted in the last Texture slot
4- If in Spotlight mode, the image will be pasted in spotlight, not in the texture slot.
optional - Click Alpha button to transfer texture to the Alpha menu.

Tools :
I. Use a screen capture application i don’t have time for the moment to develop a decent one in the dll.

  • Install a free screen capture utility like greenshot https://getgreenshot.org/
    (used in the video) feel free to use another one.

In the windows tray click on the greenshot icon with the right button to edit it’s preferences

  • 1 Deactivate mouse pointer capture
    .2020-09-02 16_09_37-Window

  • 2 In preferences select copy to clipboard
    2020-09-02 16_08_45-Window

You can now use printscreen to capture a region of your screen by click dragging.
2020-09-02 17_12_18-Window

II. Use the windows capture tools

  • Use the legacy or new capture utility in windows 10,
    (Windows key + R or windows searchbar and type capture)

III. Use the copy in your application

  • Copy image in your browser, image edition package, anything that copies image in the clipboard.

Observation :

  • A little message is shown in the Notebar to show the success or failure of the operation
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AWESOME, just found this. THANK YOU!!!

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Thanks @Doug_Jones, hope you’ll find it usefull ;).