zerojs artwork

Just by using a good 3 point lighting setup and render out a couple different passes (AO, depth etc) and compositing them in photoshop and making a quick gradient background.
It does take a lot of trying stuff out to get good quality renders in zbrush compared to keyshot or others but it can be done.

that’s pretty awesome! reminds me of what my mind pictures the Shrike looking like from the hyperion cantos! super cool.

The new:

Scifi character design.


sweet! very Nihei Tsutomu

AWESOME! Veeeeeery cool!

Early 3D concept and Sculpture ready to be turned into a 3D printed statue.

Created for Awaken Realms project - The Edge.

great work,

Summoning the Naga
An illustration created for personal use.
Sculpted in Zbrush, Composition,effects and painting in Photoshop

3D sculpt that will be turned into a 3D printed figure.
Created for Awaken Realms project - The Edge.

Sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in keyshot

3D printable bust for collectors editionCreated for Awaken realms kickstarter project -https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/awakenrealms/the-edge-new-miniature-universe

Fantastic mech. Did you model that using the mew zmodeler?

Thanks! I did have a play with the new zmodeler brush.
But i only used it to rough out the basic shape of the hammer, then added a lot of insert meshes and used the normal brushes to shape the geometry.

Sculpted and painted in ZBrush, post work in photoshop.
Rendered in ZBrush and keyshot.
I’ve written a tutorial covering the creation of this sculpt for http://www.3dartistonline.com, in issue 82 on sale 15 July 2015.


Great design!! I really work your style! :slight_smile:

New monster design sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in keyshot for zbrush.
The curse of Serqet

Nice zerojs !

Dragon sculpt I created for a tutorial in an upcoming issue of 3D Artist magazine.