zerojs artwork

Hi all , first time posting here.
I thought it was about time I started a thread so here it goes.




great first post man.love it.and very nice compositing.welcome to ZBC my friend.:+1::wink:


Here’s a creature character:

These are incredible. Definitely making me want to try some more creature work.

Great work man!!


Wonderful work to start out with. Really love the first image. How long have you been Zbrushing? Digging the hard surface stuff.

I’ve been using zbrush for a couple of years now and Photoshop for 15yrs.

A new monster.

The Maw of the sea

Wow, that last one is quite impressive. Maybe the skin tone is too unified overall, but that’s a minor quibble.

man that’s really impressive , stunning works. you paint over ZBrush renders or just composite and add effects . I’m totally stunned by this :+1:

Thanks guys!

Yeah it took me a while to figure out what I was doing with the skin, really was unsure at the time.
Im working on another similar image now and having the same issues in fact! maybe I should post a WIP image…

I paint over the zbrush renders in photoshop, I’ve just recently (this was the 1st time actually) started polypainting the models just to get a really rough idea of colour/patterns aswell.

A team of aliens search for relics.


This is an alternate version of the two scenes I created a while ago.



I really like the last few pieces youve shown! Very nice work! Your sword is especially cool. keep it up!

A new demonic character sculpt inspired by The Thing and Dead space.

Great! I love your stuff!

This is really cool! What did you render in? How did you get your render to look so nice?

so awesome and creepy!