Zero Dean's Elephant Skin Alpha Pack v1.0

Ok folks, I wanted to give something to the ZB community.

Announcing: alphapackthumb.jpg

101 16-bit greyscale .PSD files of various sizes.

These are good for your orcs, trolls, demons, dinosaurs, and yes, even your elephants. In fact, you can probably find uses for these that I can’t even think of.

I left the edges, instead of softening them so that folks will have more options. If you want soft edges, just turn up your RF under the Alpha menu.

If you’re wondering, these are derived from photos that I’ve taken myself.

These are free for non-commercial and personal use. And yes, they’re even ok for commercial use with credit, thanks, or job offers.

If you do use these, all I really ask is that you help me clean up and prioritize this package by leaving feedback. If something works particularly well, please let me know. Or if it doesn’t work at all, let me know that too, and I’ll remove it from the package or make changes. Suggestions are always welcome.

And f you create something cool with these, please show me! :smiley:

Contact Sheet:


•••Zero Dean’s Elephant Alpha Pack v1.0 FULL 001-101 (14MB)••• 101 16-bit greyscale PSD’s



Hey mate, this looks great. Thanks for sharing your pack with the community, I’m sure everyone appreciates it.


Thanks so much!! :slight_smile:

Very nice.

Than you so much, it’s just what i dream about.

awesome, cheers

I took a few photos at the zoo recently that you’re welcome to carve up ( if any use that is )

assorted animals, mostly elephants, some nice wrinkles on the younger ones


waaw… cool stuffs!

Thx1 000x!

Much appreciated, very generous of you.

Anyone else getting weird scanlines from these PSDs in ZB? I may have to resave these and re-upload…

The reason for the wired lines is because the image is set to RGB color and in needs to be grayscale.

In Photoshop go Image/mode/grayscale.

Thanks dude, I’m always up for some good o’l alphas. Are you going to be able to handle the bandwidth?

OK, converting to greyscale and re-uploading the 16-bit main pack to the server… (all done now).

Converting from RGB to greyscale just dropped the full package size down to 14MB (from 40MB), nice.

Woody: I get 75GB bandwidth a month originally purchased for a stock photography store/gallery for my work that I never fully developed… so that should cover a few downloads.

Thank you zerodean. It will be very useful.

Woody, thanks for your Nuts & Screws alphas! I haven’t used them yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

thanks for the Alphas

Very nice Alpha set!

My thanks as well - looks to be a unique set!


thank you very much.

kind regards,

tnx so much!!!:smiley:


Thank you for sharing these alphas.
They will definately come in handy :slight_smile:
I agree…very generious of you!

Best wishes,

thank you!!