Zbuilder V3 with ZBrush 2021 Question

Hello Everyone,

So I have ZBrush 2021. I got the Human ZBuilder V3 as well. So with the ZBuilder I was able to successfully import the model into ZBrush. I made some changes and saw on a video that there is the ability to return the model back to Zbuilder. On the video it was simple to get back to Zbuilder but when I attempted to the same thing, I had a pop up screen that said “Make sure this is a Zbuilder 3 scene”.

Well I would love to make sure it is a ZBuilder 3 Scene but I don’t know how to. There is not a video currently available that I found that addresses this issue.

Can anyone give me a suggestion as to what I should do?

Thank You,


Hello @Ireca!

Well, ZBuilder is a third party product, not supported by Pixologic. I would suggest contacting the developer.

According to this page, the Support email is:

**support email: cecopsychoart@yahoo.com

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: