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Everything is good, BUT topics with old link don’t work. For example this topic: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?180773-Texturing-Siege-Of-Orgrimmar-World-Of-Warcraft

inflict3D: it’s now working!

I like it already

This is appalling.
ZBC was a tool, now its a toy.
Please don’t trash the other sections like Sculptris and Help and Troubleshooting like you have the main forum, they at least are still tools and can be used in a rational and linear way.

Moderator’s Note: You still can see it the old way. Click the image at the top of the Tile. This will open the thread in an expanded view so that you can see all the posts in a more traditional layout.

OMG ZBC Tumblered! …well let’s give it an honest try over the next few weeks. :slight_smile:
…also I hope to change custom profile / avatar?

I like the look and feel of this so far. It’s much easier to follow artists, and actually look at art without having to dig several pages into a thread. :smiley:

How is the tile sorting handled? Will newer comments push a thread/tile back up?

I like the new look and really enjoy how easy it is now go through and check out different threads now. :+1: :+1:

Looks cool!! :wink: (y)

Looks great, nice one. One problem I came across, and thats when I look in the Top row gallery, then click on a picture it does not go to that related thread. Any way to message members, and all my past gallery’s are gone?

Moderator’s note: Please use the Questions & Troubleshooting Thread for these kinds of questions. Thanks!

WOW! - I LOVE the new design - tumblr pinterest style YEAH!!! thanks pixologic :D:laughing:small_orange_diamond:+1::wink:

Very nice layout on my computer! Very bad layout on my phone, where I do most of my reading! Was much testing done on iPhones? By the way, please don’t be tempted to make a mobile version of this site, just make it workable for phones also. Mobile versions are ALWAYS bad and unusable because of the lack of pinch zooming and full features.

Moderator’s note: Please use the Questions & Troubleshooting Thread for these kinds of questions. Thanks!

… Modernity! :slight_smile:
The infinite scrolling page is some freaking! :smiley:

Wow, this is looking slick…!!

Well, as far as initial impressions go, I’m underwhelmed. Superficially it looks great, but underneath it seems to lack basic functionality. Obviously no firm conclusions can be drawn yet, but this first taste doesn’t bode well. Here’s some thoughts:

  • The old thread format naturally allowed for conversations to form over time. This new system chops this up into replies only to specific posts. Sense of continuity, gone.

  • In fact, I’m having trouble finding all the replies to my thread, no idea what they’re attached to now. And some posts seem duplicated. I can’t tell whether that’s a bug or a feature. And do threads even exist anymore? In the sense of dialogue accumulating over time, in one place. If not, that’s a great loss.

  • Search apparently isn’t working yet. For example, I tried to find slor’s thread to follow him, but when I click on the title, it just returns to the main page of ZBC. Or S, should I say.

  • Giving each image equal importance in the feed forces me to scroll way more. The old thumbnails allowed me to quickly scan which threads I wanted to look at, and which to skip, all in a relatively tiny piece of browser real estate.

  • I started typing this reply once before, and accidentally clicked on the black border - oops! Reply lost. Way too easy to do this.

  • If an artist posts several different works under one post, only the first image will show. Finding the other images requires extra clicks. In fact, I notice my own work is much more difficult to parse now. Since I posted most sculpts in groups, they are now hidden under several different single-image posts, with no way for a visitor to see them unless they click on the first image.

  • For people like myself, who mostly do anatomy sculpts, the new format with full previews is especially problematic. If ZBC continues with unnecessary prudishness, will I have to hide every sculpt behind that bothersome MA tag? The old thumbnails allowed for creative framing, showing what’s important without violating forum rules. If I don’t put the tag, every visitor to the site will potentially see breasts on the main page, the horror. If I do put the tag, they’ll see only a gray image with the MA letters, which feels like ghettoization of artistic nudity.

So yes, the problems are many and systemic. About the only thing I really like is the easy access to works by the people I choose to follow. All in all, this whole endeavor reminds me of MS’s newest windows and their ill-advised push for the tile paradigm. Sure, it looks pretty, but a whole lot of usability is sacrificed in the process.

I spend some time with the new main forum.
I really appreciate that you guys are always trying to improve the ZBrush experience.

But there is no sense of chronology to the tile pattern like the bottom row or recently uploaded gallery had.
If I’m away for a day or two from ZBC, I have to look over a bunch of old but recently commented stuff to find -or miss- the latest uploaded pictures.
I would be for a button to order tiles by the date of the last picture added.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to open a thread in a new tab by CTRL-clicking an image.

There is no real, comprehensive User or Thread Gallery anymore. Since only the first picture of every post is shown, the other ones of the same sculpt, and even of completely different sculpts in that post, are hidden underneath that first picture.
It’s like an Art Gallery where you have to take down paintings to see the ones underneath…

Those facts combined mean that it’s much easier to miss images, that an artists whole work isn’t well represented, and that the main forum feels less stable and progressing, imo.
I loved the flow of constantly added pictures, the growing conversation of threads and expanding work of individuals.
Im afraid that gets lost…

EXACTLY! @MattSkinny, you nailed it. And much more elegantly than my own mini-rant, I must say.

Hey thanks man, totally agree with your points too, you were a little faster with posting there :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve had a quick play with the new format. I can see the thumbnails jump back to the top as opposed to the old system where the thumbnails were static and only moved when a new submission popped up. ( I guess Paul G. has been frantically replying to posts to test this.) :smiley: I liked the old system because I got to discover new work quicker with a lot less scrolling, this new system favours popular work, so people will get drowned out quicker if no one comments on their work no matter how good it is. Regarding navigation, I think it might be a good Idea to mirror the previous/ next page buttons you have at the top, I keep having to scroll back up for the next page.

I can see what you’re trying to do. Looks good, a little disconcerting though … some kinks need ironing out.

I am starting to get used to it now lol. Definitely looks good:+1:

Gave the thing a whirl and totally dislike this in so many ways. Chronology is idiotic. The style is so not readable. What is the idea behind a website? COMMUNICATION at SPEED! This does not fill that criteria.
Kill it before it becomes a sick puppy that no one wants to put down. Just kill it. The old one works fine and I do not want to learn a new interface just because some of you people can’t leave well enough alone. Wake up!

This is like windows 8 problem ! you will regret doing it! just like microsoft does.