ZBSee @ ZBrushCentral

ZBrushCentral has grown into a thriving community with almost one million posts! As a ZBC member, you already know just how inspiring the forum can be. Between the helpfulness of the community members and the constant sharing of free resources in the form of tutorials, materials, tools, brushes and more, ZBrushCentral has become a place of inspiration for hobbyists and professionals artists from varying industries across the world.

The steady stream of ZBrush artwork shown here by artists every single day makes ZBC an incredibly inspiring place! ZBC facilitates a true synergy between Pixologic and all the wonderful artists who have made ZBrush the cornerstone of their artistic toolkit.

What makes the great success of ZBC all the more remarkable is that the world of ZBrush is a visual one, filled with pictures and videos. Yet forums by their very nature are focused on text. Over the years we have found ways to work around this disconnect with features like Thread Galleries, Artist Galleries and the Top Row. These were great additions to the forum and have helped you more readily find the great artwork shared by the community, but we weren’t satisfied. If ZBrush can push new boundaries for digital art, why can’t ZBrushCentral do the same for sharing that art?

For these reasons, we are proud to announce the arrival of a new experience here at ZBrushCentral, called ZBSee. A new way to approach forums - one that is truly focused on the art. Uploading images to the Main Forum is done the same way as always. But after the art has been posted, the real magic begins.

You will see more and will be able to get to images with fewer mouse clicks. You will also find new ways to keep track of the images that you post as well as exciting methods to interact with the rest of the community - and with the world!

The best way to learn ZBSee is to explore it and discover its features for yourself. But for a brief overview, check out the images below.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new development in the ZBrush world! Happy ZBrushing. :slight_smile:

Note: We are adding new features to ZBC in order to increase the usability, accessibility and the enjoyment of all the fantastic artwork that is presented here in ZBrushCentral. The new ZBSee view is not yet fully integrated into ZBC and the work is still in progress. In a short while a Navigation bar will be activated and it will allow you to switch from Classic-view to ZBSee view at will, allowing you to enjoy the best of both views!

Note: ZBSee only operates in the Main Forum. All other forums continue to use the traditional view.

CLICK HERE if you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding ZBSee



I absolutely love the new look. You guys really did a great job developing the site. Completely new and unique! Pixologic will forever be my favorite dev team, through and through.

The new features sound cool! It’ll be much easier to follow my favorite sculptors! ZBC just keeps getting better!

Awesome update!! works great!:wink:

I realy like this!

sweet … thanks for the cool update

awesome update. :wink:

Exceptional Update. Never before have I seen a forum that is so fluid and nice to watch! VERY VERY BIG BRAVO to everyone.

Massive update. WOW!

Yes! That something huge! Looks very awesome


I tested it. That is the way every forum should be! It’s a bit like pinterest. Very great. Congrats to the programers :slight_smile:

Love the new look amazing! Very nice, no more side-scroll yippee! Less load time, ease of use now. Thanks team Pixologic!

Looks pretty useful!! Fantastic update. Gonna try it…

I like the look, and enjoy browsing.
But I think the “thread gallery” should show every picture in that thread, not just the first picture from each post.
That way you get a better sense of overview, and when someone has sketches on different subjects in one post, nothing gets burried under the first image of a post (even with navigating by side arrows)…

EDIT: The old model was more systematic.
I think I would really miss the old “thread gallery” and “user gallery”, where you could be sure you see every image at first glance…Hopefully this could be implemented?
I also liked the strict chronological order of the recently added gallery or the replacing system of the bottom row. The main page now shows old stuff next to new one and multiple posts by one user.

Thanks Pixologic. Everything looks great!

Oh yeah!! This is great! Im not gonna get much work done for the next couple of hours :wink:
Great job pixologic! :+1:

I really like the new approach, going to give every designer a better exposure and is going to keep me glued to this forum as very user friendly… thanks guys, next is a surprise with a 64bit version of this magic program… just trying!

Can I switch to old version?

I got stuck using the middle mouse button to scrol the page (I click the mouse wheel).
Then I can’t do nothing (scroll, click the links etc…)
I’m using Chrome, teh most recent version.

I miss the old version of ZbrushCentral !
Its page navigation let one see replies before and after a poste. And there was no none relevant forum threads tilling my computer screen.:evil:

Finally… I can spend hours browsing all the great work here without missing anything! THANK YOU!