ZBrushMasters 4.1: Josh Herman


ZBrush Masters season 4 kicks off with special guest star Josh Herman and host Paul Gaboury!

Make sure to catch this first episode in Season 4 of the ZBrush Masters series!

Industry Pipelines: Getting Your 3D Sculpt Approved Quickly

Segment Summary: Josh will show tips and techniques to create characters quickly and efficiently using a sequence of simple steps. Moving through multiple iterations and dialing down to a single result that can be rendered in a concept illustration which can be used for design approvals, but can also be continued down the pipeline to finalized model in films, games, or 3D prints.
Where in the World: Silver Lake, CA
Sculpting Experience: 12 Years
How Did You Discover ZBrush?: “My first memory was when I saw Ian Joyners Gnomon Workshop DVD. That was probably in… 2006/2007? My school was not teaching ZBrush at the time and that was what brought me to Gnomon, and LA.”
Occupation, Industry Experience & Highlights: Chief Creative Officer, Art Director, Creative Director, Character Artist, & Character Designer
Favorite ZBrush Feature: Loading multiple saves and comparing them, DynaMesh, Sculptris Pro