ZBrushLIVE Clubhouse - Special Streams


Join us for an exciting stream with two of Pixologic’s own: Joseph Drust and Paul Gaboury. No it’s not double vision; it’s a specially themed team stream that will bring Joseph and Paul together on your screen despite social distancing.

Past Episodes:

Episode 1: ZBrush Mashup Duos!

In this stream Solomon and Paul chose two random themes to combine for a ZBrush Mashup design. The theme to this mashup will be unveiled at the beginning of the stream.

Watch the recording here:

Episode 2: ZBrush Mashup Duos!

Paul and Solomon return with two topics chosen by the community: Space Marines & Mutant Ninja Turtles. Watch to see how these very different subjects come together!

Watch it here:

Episode 3: Introducing ZBrushCoreMini

Paul and Joseph show off the new ZBrushCoreMini - a free digital sculpting application for everyone.

Watch it here:

And share your iMage3D files in the Community Expo thread!

Episode 4: Introducing ZBrushCore 2021

Paul and Joseph introduced the world to ZBrushCore 2021, including the addition of the MicroPoly feature from ZBrush!

Watch it here:


Excited to stream.

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Waiting for the stream :smiley:

Have been busy with 2D work and feeling down about what I have been producing so seeing this gives me something to look forward to tomorrow :smile: Thanks PIXOLOGIC!