ZBrushCentral Interview -- Army of Two: The 40th Day


Electronic Arts has been on quite a roll lately with some huge titles like Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Army of Two. All of these games have really pushed the boundaries of graphics on the PC and consoles – visually they are quite simply a feast for the eyes.

Just two weeks ago, they released Army of Two: The 40th Day with IGN giving the game an “Editor’s Choice” accolade and an 8.5 rating of “Great!” in every category including graphics. That exceeds the original title’s 7.9 by a very nice margin. It’s worth it to view the game trailers HERE

We’ve managed to score for you an interview with three of the artists who put crazy hours and insane polygon counts into the project: Rodrigue Pralier, Joseph Botardo and Edward Hardison. In their talk with us they shared a good bit of insight into their techniques – and well over 50 WIP images from the making of the game.


Here are a few of the MANY images that are found in the interview. Find them there so that you can see them full size!


Many thanks to Rodrigue and his team for taking the time to share so much with us about their work on The 40th Day! Pixologic would also like to extend a big thank you to Electronic Arts for granting permission!

Use this thread to discuss EA’s The 40th Day artwork!

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Stunning work !
Thanks ZBC, EA, and the Artists for this AMAZING interview,
It’s really unbelievable and jaw dropping the level of details put in the characters, wow

thx for this interview, very inspirational, these guys are geniuses imo, :+1:

I would like to have seen bigger pictures tho

This is one of those games that i saw and my face just smiles so bad!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , thank you so much for this excellent interview!!! :+1:

Great interview guys. Very interesting read!

Amazing Interwiew ! :+1:

I loved all the Mexican references in the Rios character, like the “Hecho en Mexico” logo and the other tats are really funny too but what i would really like to know is that if that is Violent J face paint in one of the alternate mask you get to chose at the beginning of the game. :+1:

Thank you for such great interview! Very eye opening!

I’ve been following the character art for AO for some time. Inspiring work guys!

Great article. Very inspiring, especially the WIP images. It’s funny that most of the industry pros I’ve read about or watched their videos only use a couple of brushes when they’re sculpting.

the mask on that guy in the frontpage of the article looks so cool… Love how the jaw part of the mask melts into a chiseled skull’s mandible. I agree too, the visuals are just great!

Great interview, great art! Thanks everyone for taking the time for the interview. I know there is a lot of work that goes into it!

Looks like I will have to pick this game up!

Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

Fannnnnntastic!! The work is really top notch guys! Congrats! It’s amazing to see how many characters can be created by just 3 people.

One request though. Can you guys post higher rez images in this thread? It seems that the images up top are the same size as the ones in the interview and i REALLY want to get these character shots to my reference folder at the highest image size possible. Bot sure if it’s just a browser issue on my end or if the images in the interview popup really are that size. Regardless, I am inspired!

Great article. BTW you misspelled my name:

I generally start with the Move Brush and the Clay Tube brush for the most part. Once I’m happy with the overall proportions, I add more divisions and work a lot with the Brian Silva brushes, the Inflate and Pinch brushes. For small details, I use the Drag Rectangle with a custom alpha or/with my texture converted to a mask.

Sorry about that, Bryan. Our webmaster will fix the error shortly. Thanks for letting us know!

great work guys! id like to see the images bigger as well, i really enjoy the combination of the big shaped armor pieces with the wrinkled materials underneath.:cool:

one of the best intervews EVER

Hi guys, tanks for sharing your amazing work I love this game! :sunglasses:
This interview is really interesting, and now we know more about the video games industry workflow with ZBrush.
I am student in a video games school in France, we learn essentially 3dsMax, but I really love ZBrush and I learn it during my free time alone :).
I just have a request in relation to your workflow, can you post image of a character base mesh before and after you detailling it in ZBrush, I really want to see the different step of creation and the modeling before exporting in ZBrush and the topology, this can really help me in my learning.

Thanks a lot! :+1:

(sorry for my english :o)

Wow guys! Thanks for this great interview - great worx! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: