ZBrushCentral Interview -- Army of Two: The 40th Day

Finally I had some time to read it. :slight_smile: Awesome models! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: Many thanks for this interesting interview and all the great infos and images!

Great interview!Awesome info…Congrats for the stunning work. The art looks impressive:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Hi everyone :smiley:

Awesome interview ! But i have a single question about the character developement process, particularly about zbrush.

How many times a character sculpting takes when working in a video games company?

I’m a french user, a beginner.

Sorry to “up” this post, but it was a question that i had to ask :smiley:

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Thanks for great interview, congrats for the stunning work.

This interview is great and amazing. For this way we know more about the work flow of video games industry. Please share the creation and modeling of ZBrush.