Zbrush users unite! everyone welcome! (Zbrush Chat)

Hello there I have created a meebo chat room for zbrush

you are all welcome to come just go to [http://www.meebo.com/room/zbrushcentralchat/](http://www.meebo.com/room/zbrushcentralchat/)

the password is zcentral

to join in! here we can share all type of information about zbrush share pictures, links and even play streaming video without leaving the page that everyone can watch at the same time! I seen that somone was trying to orginise a chat in irc but this way everyone can join with just one click, meebo rooms are brand new and are easy to use and have alot of really cool features. see you all there!

edit: I wonder if its possible for this to become stickied and be the offical chat of zbrush central?

I’m hanging out in there and I have to say it’s definitely one of the coolest chats I’ve joined. We can all share our projects or tutorial videos real time! I mean you paste a link to a youtube video or a link to your artwork and it’ll pop up right in the side of the chat! Pretty cool stuff! Could become a really cool place for the community if we get some cool regulars to contribute.

I just joined in there and I like it so far!

Glad you like it! we are building up quickly!

I’m there. Great idea.

Good use of a good tool. Join in everyone.

just joined the chat, already some ppl on.

I’m glad to see so many people show up! keep it coming!

It was nice seeing some of the people on last night. Kircho shared some good knowledge with me about Andrew Loomis. It’s a little slow right now but that could be fixed if a few people join again.

Again it’s a great place to share artwork and get real time responses. They were putting up youtube videos about ZB3. It’s really cool, it’d be a shame to see it die out.

I tried the password but it did not work. Do you have to be an AOL member or something like that?

lemmonado, do you have your caps lock on? :wink:

nope you don’t even need to be a meebo member

just type in zcentral all lowercase (not zbcentral) and it should work!

The password worked fine :+1:

See you guys around

Lemo, Oh come out and play :wink:

yes lemo try again, the pass is just zcentral all lowercase

hats so cool!

yes thank you for getting this together it is great!!!

for those who were in the video conference here is where i left off before i went to bed. ZBrush Documen.jpg

We should plan some meetings

agree we should but IRC seems a littlle bit of a hassle toggleing back and forth maybe we should make a msn group

well msn wont work because its like a message board
well anyway lets see how this works

my contact is cannedmushrooms@comcast.net on msn come join the sculpting fun;)

If interested… I have a Teamspeak Server which I can open for us.
Does anyone have the gut’s to TALK rather than type? :wink:
Then let me know and I start it this long weekend.
The Z-Pub !

I cant type anyway;)
you could start it up and see who joins post like the software needed and stuff