ZBrush Summit 2014

I wonder if they will charge to upgrade

Excited and worried at the same time. Hope I don’t get left behind since I’m still on a 32 bit system… O~o

:+1:WOW,Good news!

I figured this had to be coming when Pixologic shortened the “ZBrush 4R6” in their 3D Artist/World magazine ads to simply “ZBrush”.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store! Already cleared my calendar for the second weekend of August :slight_smile:

I am just waiting to see the new version of Zbrush on Friday August 8
I want to buy the Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch to use with Zbrush 5 …that will make my final decision if the touch functions are included and 64bit …can’t wait

I hope for 64 bit. I also hope for new polypainting tools. It would be nice to change hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, selective color. etc… globally and in real time, not through render filters. Would also be nice to have a more unified material/lighting interface.

Considering that Ive only worked in zbrush for the past 6 months Its possible that I dont know that these painting options already exist. Zbrush is an incredible piece of software so Im sure the new release will be as inspired as the past versions.

Throwing in a vote request for presentations to be recorded and made available later? This is usually something Pixologic does, so I’m imagining they surely would this time… but just wanted to weigh in in case! I will unfortunately be out of town during this whole thing with no access to a computer!


I’m hoping for 64bit support finally. The rest will all be icing on the cake!

And keyshot integration via goz

Soooo exacting !!!
Cant wait!

I really hope ZBrush will be support 3Dconnexion mouses.

Hopefully they ll integrated the new realtime render engine…Solidangle/Arnold for instance…Best in the Market

64 bit, 64 bit

Fingers crossed for 64Bit and completely redesigned Interface.

Maybe this is wishful thinking but I would love to see and integration of light versions of Zbrush for Android and Ipad devices. During my commutes to and from work each day, I come up with so many great ideas and would love to work them out as they are fresh then go home and get on my laptop and refine them. I honestly think it would be a fantastic idea. Hopefully if not now, it’s considered for the future especially since tablets are in wide use within this generation. Whatever the outcome, I’m sure it will be exciting nonetheless. :smiley:

“Maybe this is wishful thinking but I would love to see and integration of light versions of Zbrush for Android and Ipad devices”
I second that and especially for Android.

Textures painting (polypaint is nice but no texture editing makes me sad :frowning: )
Cloth simulation (Marvelous is great but for the price, poor support/update…)
64 Bit
Zremesher tweaking to remove spiraling

I would be a happy bunny :slight_smile:

Big news for Keyshot users. I read on their forum today that “the “ZBrush plugin” will not be a plugin but actually a full integration into the new version of ZBrush.”

Read the 4th post down in this thread: https://www.keyshot.com/forum/index.php/topic,8327.0.html

Isn’t that the same week Renderman goes free for non-commercial use. Wish-full thinking on my part methinks.:lol:

I am happy with the ZBrush evolution,just outstanding from 2001 to 2014! Any news is welcome Pixologic Team:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
God bless you!

Wow! I´m super excited about the new version. Just can´t wait.

If it´s true about keyshot integration to Zbrush. Then it´s sounds good.
Good render engine in Zbrush is just what I need but I´m worried that
might mean a expensive update. Keyshot is not cheap.

It´s been unbelievable that Zbrush have had these updates for free for so long. :+1: