ZBrush Masters - T.S. Wittelsbach


ZBrush Masters Season 3 kicks off on ZBrushLIVE.com with special guest star T.S. Wittelsbach, hosted by Paul Gaboury!


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Designing Jewelry & Accessories with Marveaux Clothing

Segment Summary: Elaborating on the design process within ZBrush for the clothing brand Marveaux.
Where in the World: Seattle, WA
Sculpting Experience: 40 Years
How Did You Discover ZBrush? “David Krentz showing me ZBrush in his studio… coming to the amazing revelation there was true sculpting in a digital medium.”
Occupation, Industry Experience & Highlights: “Years in Hollywood, Sculpting … now many years using ZBrush to design jewelry and art objects for printing.”
Favorite ZBrush Feature: Live Boolean and ClayTubes



Shall look forward to it.