ZBrush Masters - Marco Plouffe


ZBrush Masters Season 2 continues on ZBrushLIVE.com with special guest star Marco Plouffe, hosted by Paul Gaboury!


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Hard Surface Modeling - Redemption From the ZBrush Summit

Summary: I will finally complete the presentation that I couldn’t finish during the last ZBrush Summit! I will showcase a hard-surface model that has been created 100% in ZBrush and I will show a few techniques, some more efficient, some cleaner, to get
the desired result as quick as possible!
Where in the World: Montreal, Canada
Sculpting Experience: 10 Years
How Did You Discover ZBrush? School (Campus Ubisoft)
Occupation, Industry Experience & Highlights: Worked for THQ, Bioware, Eidos, then created Keos Masons. Worked for 40+ companies since then.
Favorite ZBrush Feature: DynaMesh