ZBrush 4R8 Streaming Event

I remember that R7 was to be the last before Zbrush 5… Well, we’ll see.

I don’t care about numbers, but I am curious about new features :wink: :+1:

They already showed the R8 features… There will be more?



So is this the actual release or announcing a date? Also when I bought 4R7 2 months ago they said I would get 4R8 as a free upgrade so if they do decide to drop 5 on us I assume ill get that as a free upgrade?

Sounds great. I’ll be there.

Does Pixologic ever create promotional imagery with ZBrush in combination with other programs? I’m inclined to think they don’t (aside from rendering in Keyshot, of course), and am hoping that the image accompanying this thread is teasing some kind of cloth physics, as someone else here suggested.

Thanks for posting that link to that movie again.

If we get what is shown, we will already be super spoiled. Should there be even more, it would be a greatly appreciated bonus.
But for me, what is shown is already mind-boggling…

So I am somehow expected to learn the 98% of Zbrush 4r7 that I haven’t been able to consume in the next two weeks !! You should have given me more than a few months to prepare ! Haha

Glad to hear that the team is satisfied with the polishing and ready to release ! (You can let Marcus have a day off now ! Notify him via Zscript )

See you on the stream !


fantastic news :D:D:D:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Of one thing you can be certain. They never disappoint!

feature requests for 4R8 or 5:
-better Render (BPR) add refraction, distortion, and proper transparency to BPR
-graphics card acceleration & stat of the art real time viewport renderer (like mudbox)
-PBR support <- must have!
-improve rigging skinning workflow
-improve Fiber brushes and rendering (arnold does a awesome job, something in this direction) sculpting hair in ZB is really frustation…
-please add guide support for the fibers(just see Xgen or shave and haircut or other hair creation tools)
-cloth simulation would be great, something in the direction of marvelous designer would be awesome.
(but its a nice to have feature, i rather would like improvements of existing things)

-a visual zscript alternative would also be an great improvement, i mean the community is big enough to take care…
-macro recording like in modo
-better UI customization for menus and stuff, i want a proper contextual ring menu…
-also an more precise UV editing tool would also be convenient.

what do you think?

YES! big expectations :smiley:

It certainly looks like a Cloth Simulator will be given in the latest release. Look at the image on top:)
I am super excited:). I just had a thought, what if, what if Pixologic created a Game Engine with
Zbrush4R8???:slight_smile: something to compete with Unreal Engine 4??? Just kidding, it would be interesting but
I don’t think so. I am excited for the 3d carving brushes and “3d Alpha’s People!”:slight_smile: every day I sit by my
computer and cross my fingers before I visit www.pixologic.com just to see anything on Zbrush4R8:):):frowning:
nothing all this time and then BOOM! Pixologic shows this image:)

“Look up here”, “3d Alphas people”:). Classic. I have been waiting
every day and to see this image of the obvious Cloth Simulator that
will be included in the latest release is EPIC:). What if Pixologic made
a game Engine with the latest release of Zbrush4R8?? Unlikely but,
I’m excited for the upgrades to IMM Brushes:). Being able to make your
own carving brushes is going to be nice:). Thank you Pixologic:)
Live Long and Prosper Zbrush4R8:)…

Release 4r8 already! I wanna upgrade my zbrush core to full version!

You don’t have to wait for 4R8 to upgrade. While the automatic upgrade option on My Licenses won’t be available until then, you can upgrade ahead of time through a Support ticket. Just be aware that native-format files created in ZBrushCore can’t be opened by ZBrush 4R7. Exported OBJ files open just fine, though.

Hold your horses ppl :wink:
I wouldn’t count for any kind of simulation in Z - I can’t imagine how it would work here. Just look at other typical tools like modelling, uv’ing, retopology etc.
Z engine is a bit different from others apps (it’s what makes it so damn powerful but limited to sculpting, modelling and texturing only).

I’ve seen many great examples of clothes purely sculpted i Z so this can be done :wink:


Looking forward to it! Though… Not to be nit-picky but it doesn’t actually say when 8 will be released. And considering how long it has been since they announced it at the last summit, I hesitate to get too excited.

Cant wait to see the awesomeness and power of r8 ! :smiley: