ZBrush 4R8 Streaming Event


We’re nearly there!

Pixologic presents
an exclusive live streaming broadcast event

Tuesday, June 13th at 12pm PDT

Tune in for a chance to chat with the Pixologic team as they give a special demonstration
and give away prizes to a few lucky viewers! :slight_smile:

thank you pixologic. this is „little crazy me´s“ reaction to these news in front of the webbrowser :lol:


here’s hoping the 8 month wait was really a “surprise, here’s zbrush 5 instead” feint :lol:

Sounds cool… and I hope ZB5 is on the horizon

Woot woot

They said 4R8 would be the last Zbrush before Zbrush 5.

I swear when 4R7 came out they said it would be the last before 5 :wink:

Very excited! And I hope the release will happen soon after the stream :slight_smile:

calm down people, its just numbers! i dont think it would change any functionality if it would be called zbrush5 instead of zbrush4r8. at least it is a free upgrade for every user.

i am sooo excited about this! cant wait and hope for some nice new functions!

There be signs of cloth simulation!

So my wish list is good retopo, pbr, 3d navigator and umm ohhh bpr upgrade - yess :]

Just wanted to let it out :wink:

Ooh, this is exciting. My first upgrade as a newbie! I hope there is some developments in the BPR side of things.

So there will be dynamic cloth and a new lighting/rendering solution? I hope that announcement image was entirely done in Zbrush 4R8 :stuck_out_tongue:

yea, but with Keyshot bridge :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to it. :+1:small_orange_diamond:D


Can’t wait to see the new features of 4R8 !!!

Ahhhh,a great news!!!

I am really curious to see the new features!


Geezus, Pixolator! Took you long enough to squash those bugs!

Not to be ants at a picnic( yeah I said it ) but isn’t R8’s new features only going to be like the three(?) new things they added to core?