ZBrush 4R7: Released!

I know for me I purchased the “Zbrush to Keyshot” plugin but did not add the “Keyshot to Zbrush” item into the cart to create the bundle, so I only bought half of the solution needed for Keyshot. So I could not download the Keyshot portion since I technically did not buy it. When I went back and added both of them to the cart, it discounted it to the intro price of $249. This is of course for people who do not own Keyshot already.

Thanks Pixologic,the 64-bit zbrush is great!

Awesome, thanks Pixologic !

Thank you Pixologic!

The upgrade looks nice! Is there anywhere we can see the “And whole lot more!” features list? Also, what about access to the what’s new documentation without needing to install?

I’m also a bit surprised that Pixo didn’t just skip FBX and go for Alembic since it’s pretty much industry standard now and supports way more stuff.

The installation of the update worked. Thank you very much Pixo :smiley:
Looks great.
Only one error i made (i forgot to save the code during the manuel deactivation.) Therefore is now the update with the second activation occurs * urc. Sorry …
I never learn it lol

PS. one thing i ask me self: How i can activate the spacebar new menü:

Can we use Keyshot for ZBrush on PC and Notebook, too? Or is it nodelocked like the normal Keyshot?

mouse over polygon,face,edge…and have to work on mesh:D
Thanks Pixologic Team I am very fortunate to live these era!

existe - I did the exact same thing! I hope pixologic has some kind of solution for those of us who screwed that one up :frowning:

thank you!

best regards

Ah, i’m an idiot. lol I’ve found the problem:

Choose a new cube or an already, exist own model with some polyframes >

  • then you go with the mouse over a polygon-(up your Model/that Cube), and with right click now, or also the spacebar, will open that amazing new 4r7 menu.

  • But if you go with your mouse over an edge or also a point between the edges, then will open others special menus. Only for edges or points.

PS. The mouse have to be over your Model-[a Polyframe or Edge or Point], for open these new 4r7 menu/s.
The mouse may not be on canavs for that menus.
AND ALSO THE NEW ZMODLER Brush must be activated/chosen FIRST!):

hehe Sorry for this stupid question that i had on my last post.

New Zmodeler brush is awesome, i don’t even read guide or watch any video yet and i managed to use almost all functions just trying…

but… i cant turn off “Dynamic” button on Size Brush slider!! thats terrible for me cause i work with dynamic off 98% of time… im too used to old zoom method.

[Added By Support] In Z4R7, you need to press the SHIFT key+Click in order to switch “Dynamic Mode” ON or OFF

PS. You want kill me Pixo? Soooo amazing these new menu, but too much for my brain. loooool
Incredible cool. But overdose new functions and options lol wink Coool but: :confused: hehe nice…
Again one year more work to learn… urc

Check, my current interface:
You kill my brain pixo, really…Soo cool, but soo much…lol ;oP
Please next Update (zBrush 5) in 10 years. loool Otherwise my head explodes ;oP

Pixologic team, no. 1 :smiley: :+1:

Happy as a pig in mud right now thanks Pixologic and Keyshot.

Thanks !!!
Nanomesh is even better than I expected. I think this will change the we make textures.

Finally! Wow! Wow! WoW! Congrats!!!

Thanks Pixologic!!! Great News, will upgrade as soon as possible and definitely buy KeyShot for ZBrush and the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge (ZBridge). :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Many Thanks Pixologic and congratulations on yet another outstanding addition! Good luck with the 3D Printer World Expo.

Zbrush 4r7 downloaded… Keyshot+Bridge purchased… am now just stuck at blinking work!!:cry: Planted the seed with colleagues that I’m not feeling well. They’re just not buying it!!! Damn It!!

A big thank you to Joseph and others for the demo videos, gallery shots and documentation. Very informative as per normal :+1:

Kind Regards

Thank you so much, Pixologic. :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you – thank you!!!

You are #1.