The Same Procedure As Every Year

Thank you so much for giving me a good reason to spend less time with my familoy on christmas!!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thank you Pixologic! Once again you’ve out done yourselves! I say this a million times but why can’t more 3D programs be like you? :cool:

Thanks, Pixologic! A great early xmas present… and I second the comment about doomsday, now we know what the Mayan calendar cycle was foretelling!

Brilliant as always, Pixo… thanks!

… and if it would be - WHAT A WAY TO GO :slight_smile: Thank’s Pixologic!

This is freaking amazing! Thanks to everyone at Pixologic for the update.
what a great company and community

cant wait for the videos to see how the new features work!

really nice! :smiley: just a quick thought: support for retina/high resolution displays is included?

hazaa :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley:

Great stuff a wonderful gift to christmas :+1:

Thanks! Pixologic-Team
and a merry christmas and a happy new year :smiley:

Awesome way to celebrate the non-end of the world! :smiley: Thank you Pixologic!

Thank you! These upgrades always create new world of possibilities for designers.

Hey, you need to set up a shop where I can buy some Zbrush stuff like t-shirts, caps etc.
I want the world to know I´m a fanboy!:wink:

Thanks for the update. Several great new features indeed. That consistent brush size especially.

My only complain here that Pixologic seems doesn’t find necessary to improve texture painting side of the software. In my workflow the sculpting takes only a fraction of time ( thanks to all that great sculpting tools :)) taken by painting and specular textures creation.
I tried Mudbox, Mari and 3d coat and think Zbrush with its great brush features has a lot of potential in that area too and might be really superior with only a few extra additions and fixes.

Do somebody know a special place where feature requests should be posted?

As always you guys are rocking the 3D world with these awesome updates and actually CREATIVE approaches to changing the way we design. If only more companies were more like you.

Keep up the great work!

Unbelievable stuff you guys @Pixologic are doing. Didnt expect any of the upgrades
but they are very appreciated and makes this product this best that I have ever bought.

Thank you Pixologic and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

thnk you Pixologic for the ZBrush 4R5
Christmas Gift :wink:

Is there any information on the “Detect Curves” functionality under Qremesher? It says only that I need the “full version” of the Qremesher plugin to use it, and to see the main website for info. I assume this is part of some commercial version of Qremesher that isn’t available yet?

This is DEFINITELY the Xmas present I wanted for myself (aside from the Nexus 10)! And I LOVE the new Subtool Master pallete… which basically should eliminate the Subtool Master button… very nice touch

Am having issues with activation ( have sent support ticket).
Mention this merely to underline my thanks to all of you at Pixologic.
At a time when most employees are thinking of the Holidays and getting ready for the seasons
events, you are embarking on a brand new release and all the problems it entails.
While we are getting ready to celebrate, you are getting ready for war.
My thanks to all of you and best wishes to you and your families.

Thank you Pixologic Team.