Thank you ZB team -
great features. those slice brushes are fantastic!

one tear… - missing the Edge Smooth control by extract mesh in the subtool palette
Although the extract is super smooth - the manual control for messing with the edges is key in my workflow.

Would be so thankful to get that feature back.

Wish you all a great 2013 and looking forward for ZB in 64bit and max ram support.

just ordered a second license - ZB is my favorite 3d app.

cheers mads

Thanks to everyone at Pixologic! A great job you are doing out there!!



Pixologic.com is non-responsive and the auto updater tells me I am up to date.
Is the server just under massive load right now or is there something I am messing up?

thank you so much guys was waiting for the auto-save for some time now .

thank you for releasing it as free upgrade as well .


Good bet that it is. I got lucky and found it before I even got the upgrade email.
Thanks Pixologic!!!

Thank you. You guys give the best gifts. :slight_smile:

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Looks like a great update guys! Can’t wait to play.

Here’s hoping Zbrush being able to re-import and use the vector displacement maps it makes is in the near future.

Thank you; what a neat surprise.

I just started playing with 4r4 which blows my mind. A few ideas came to mind when I was working and it looks like this update addresses most of them. This looks great and I’m very excited about that extract insert mesh to subtool option, the UI transparency concept and the snap transpose to viewplane.

You guys realiy are the greatest.
I did something last night in two hours which at my last attempt to try took me weeks of tedious prep work and ended up failing miserably. I kitbashed something last night in the way I’ve been dreaming of since I started messing with CGI. Thank you thank you thank you for making artist / pen / workflow-jitsu friendly tools.

New MACbook pro lastest OS running 4r4p2.

Tried these steps as directed under For Users of ZBrush 4R4 With Internet Access

Upgrading couldn’t be easier! You can use the Auto Update system by clicking

Tried updater it says “close zbrush install and update”
Zbrush closes and nothing happens no follow up screens start

(It has a red blinking light upper left corner does that mean the server is down?)

Tried the direct ZBrush_Upgrade file it just keeps wanting to put P2 back on.

Thanks in advance and thanks to the Pixologic folks for providing this cant wait to get started.
Happy Holidays all!!

Happily Zee4R5brushing!!!

Nealcrz : it’s ZUpgrader.app that you have to run manually :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays to all your staff!


Thank you!!!

A big Thank you to Pixologic Team. This is the greatest gift that you can give to us:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

You guys can really keep a secret! This is great news. The Mayans never knew about the continuing world of Pixologic upgrades. This is a wonderful way to bring in the holiday season where I will have some time off and can plunge in to all the super new features. I Love zee ZBrush!


Thank you Santa:D
What a hoot:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: