ZBrush 4R2b Announced

Such an awesome news! My Z(S)anta!!!

Wow ! great news !!! Thanx Pixologic ! :wink:

Striving for perfection eh, that’s what i like to hear.

Be sure to do a video like the ZB3 r2 covering the changes, it was really good in showing what was new.

I’m sure you guys are busy with all kinds of cool ideas, but would it be possible to add an adjustment to how the right click navigation behavior works (or an additional option) in this new update?

I’ve noticed that with right click navigation turned on, the ‘default’ navigation method is still active. It tends to trip me up a bit when pressing my alt express key on my intuous 4 pad to move my model… often, in the flurry of pen movements and such, I inadvertently release a bit of pressure on that alt key and go into scale mode - which is incredibly frustrating when I’d prefer to leave it scaled as it is. Since move and scale are separated with right click navigation on (alt + right click and ctrl + right click, respectively), there doesn’t seem to be a need to give alt any power over scaling.

Could right click navigation being on disable the default navigation? Or at the very least, break the connection between alt and the scale function? Hopefully that won’t be too time consuming to program in… thanks!


Don’t forget… the .zbr issue on this update please!

But since upgrades are free I can’t really complain that much.

Good job.

Thank you Pixologic Team!

BTW, i must say that ZBrush is absolutely responsible for why i step into a 3D world at all! One year ago i was just a 2D artist and then i met Mr. “almighty” ZBrush! :grimacing: …do i have to tell you that i don’t even think to try anything else! :smiley:


Thanks fairy pixologic staff!!!

Great news! You keep us users VERY HAPPY :smiley: !

Christmas already? :smiley: Thank you Pixologic! Now…if I could only find some time to actually sculpt some in zbrush… heh.

Wow!! Awesome News!

Thanks Pixologic!! :wink: :smiley: :+1:

sweet!! :smiley:

good ~~:D

awesome, any auto retopo features planned?

You know that RC (Release Candidate) comes after “b” (eta) right :slight_smile: ?

Hoping that this has been fixed:


Wonderful stuff! Glad to hear that you’re eliminating the bugs. I really want to use 4R2 for asset creation, I really do… but at the moment it just seems like there is one issue too many. I’m looking forward to getting my mitts on the patch.

Also, really good of you to let us know in advance.

Good work guys! Keep it up.


in ZBrush 4R2b: Hope the Transpose Action Line itself move along with the object ?!


See the last post in the thread you link to.

Just wanted to add my thanks to the Zbrush team :smiley:

Ahaha. I’ve been looking at those threads ever since R2 Release. Figures that a fix appeared in the last 24 hours :slight_smile: Thanks so much for pointing it out.

Well we might as well get it started. Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? :wink:

Great news. I’ve not got my brain around all the new R2 stuff but I’m not complaining. Thanks guys :+1:.