ZBrush 4R2b Announced

As you know, Z4R2 is a major upgrade to ZBrush and we are thrilled with the possibilities it offers you as an artist.
Your feedback since the release of Z4R2 indicates that you are as excited as we are!
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Now that Z4R2 has been put to the test by ZBrush users, on many different system configurations and workflow, we found some ‘rough corners’ which we would like to polish. Therefore, we will be releasing an update patch allowing you to take full advantage of the powerful features in Z4R2 as soon as possible, without having to wait until Z5 is released. A few extra goodies may also be included with the next update.:slight_smile:

ZBrush4 R2b is planned to be released in the second half of December 2011 as a free-of-charge upgrade to all registered users.

Thank you for your continued support,:slight_smile:

Happy ZBrushing!



Fantastic! thank you and the entire team, in advance, for the update.

I cant wait!!! :wink:

OMG!!..Really Awesome!! Thanks Pixologic.!!


Any new features or bug fixes?

Wow!! Merry Christmas!!! :slight_smile:

I think I could cry from how much you’re spoiling us, Pixologic. A million thumbs up to you all :+1:


Fantastic! Amazing!

ho ho holy s**t another update. Awesome

I dont care what anyone says… The BEST feature of Zbrush, is that its developers will give you FREE upgrades to the newest version of their
software… Hoepfully that stays the same for Zbrush 5.

Cant wait to check out 4R2B!

Wow, this is a nice surprise indeed. With a program as complex as ZBrush, some bugs are going to slip through the cracks inevitably- and I’m glad to see that you guys are taking the time to help in this regard.

It’s always been my opinion that I would gladly pay an upgrade fee for each major version if it meant that we get better support for ‘in between’ time… really glad to see some bug fixing coming.

What a Very Merry Christmas!!!
Thanks Pixologic Team!!

This is great news… Would any of the problems be Zbrush hangs in windows 7 64? I started using this fantastic piece of software when from version 4. Version 4 was stable to the ‘T’, but I have found that 4R2 had some trouble going over 10million faces, which I suspect is low for Zbrush.

None the less, I am not one to complain when the upgrade was given out of the goodness of your heart. And now this? Wow, I am in admiration of you guys. Good times ahead!

Thank you to all the pixologic staff.:cool:

Great to hear that!
Thanks Pixo:+1:

Thank you Pixologic Team

Pixologic are you really Santa Claus in disguise?
I do believe in santa I do, I do, I do believe in Santa or should I say Zanta!
I have to wonder because ZB in it’s self is such a wonderful program to behold, 2d-3d pure magic, but to have free upgrades/fixes where no one does that in this world is the most amazing thing, like getting exactly what you want for christmas over and over again, just waiting there under the tree when you wake up. You guys are the most awesome, kindest, totally rocking people in any business I have ever known of, and if other businesses were like this we wouldn’t be having the problems that we do in this world. You care about your clients/users, future zb users and your program quality and I love you for it, not just because it is free but you try so hard to make us all happy and then give it to us freely from your heart is just icing on the cake. Every time you have released one of these updates has felt like getting a great christmas present no matter what time of the year it is. I also hope are proud of all that you have accomplished changing the way we make movies, games and so much more in and outside of the entertainment industry. ZBrush is and always will be, no matter what, not only my favorite all time software program but also the best investment I have ever made. I don’t know really what else to say…one zhappy tear flows down my cheek…Thank you St. Pixologic! :+1:small_orange_diamond:cry:small_orange_diamond:laughing:small_orange_diamond:D:laughing:small_orange_diamond:cry:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Awesome, Pixologic has got to be Santa Claus in disguise:)
Thanks you Pixologic Team