ZBrush 4R2 Unleashed!

“The Next Step in Digital Art”

For over 10 years, Pixologic has been committed to the principle of offering cutting edge tools to artists. ZBrush 4R2 continues this tradition by giving all existing users an update packed with powerful new features designed to maximize creativity and accelerate the concept-to-completion workflow. Regardless of your artistic level, we are confident ZBrush 4R2 will embrace your creative needs.

We are thrilled with this release, and eager to see the benefits that you will gain from what ZBrush 4R2 offers.

In the upcoming months we will continue the development of those features towards the release of ZBrush 5.

ZBrush 5 will include new features as well as 64 bit versions of ZBrush for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Special thanks to all those involved in the making of ZBrush 4R2, including: the beta team, artists, ZBrushCentral members, and the staff at Pixologic around the world.

We look forward to seeing all your new and fascinating artwork here at ZBrushCentral.

Happy DynaMeshing:)

The Pixologic Team

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Here is what your fellow ZBrush artists have to say:

“No longer are my restrictions there. From a simple sphere, I can create almost anything my heart and hands allow. When needed, I can seamlessly attach whole pieces of geometry and forget about reassembling the mesh or retopologizing. My sculpting can continue without delay.”

Matthew Kean Framed World

“ZBrush is my main tool here at Framestore’s Art Department which I use every single day. It’s important to have features like DynaMesh to be able to start with something from scratch and not have to use any other software to finish my concepts.”

Christopher Brandstrom Framestore

“The new additions to ZBrush 4 R2 are awesome. I can’t think of not having it in my day to day creation of characters.”

Brett Briley ID Software

“While beta testing, my favorite new feature is LightCaps. It allows me to generate direct lighting from environmental images. Filters comes a close second; render once and then adjust filters in post, giving instant results.”

James Rumball Escape Studios

“The freedom to explore concepts in 3D without worrying about stretching polygons allows me to focus all my efforts on the design. Add to that the ability to add and subtract parts of the mesh, slice them up and even create an inner surface. I started with ZBrush over a decade ago and I’m still excited every time I fire it up! One word, ‘liberating’.”

Glen Southern SouthernGFX

“ZBrush 4R2 represents everything I had always wanted from digital sculpting. Its new features, DynaMesh, the Insert Brushes, and the new Curve Brushes unlock an artist’s imagination, and remove the polygon chains we have worn for far too long. Sculpting today has reached a new threshold.”

Ryan Kingslien ZBrush Workshops

ZBrush 4R2 also includes GoZ and your favorite plugins:

:large_orange_diamond:Blend Shapes:large_orange_diamond:UV Master:large_orange_diamond:Paint Stop:large_orange_diamond:3D Print Exporter:large_orange_diamond:Decimation Master:large_orange_diamond:
:large_orange_diamond:ZAppLink v4:large_orange_diamond:Multi-Map Exporter:large_orange_diamond:TransPose Master:large_orange_diamond:SubTool Master:large_orange_diamond:
:large_orange_diamond:Adjust:large_orange_diamond:Image Plane 4:large_orange_diamond:

ZBrush 4R2 is a free upgrade to all registered ZBrush users.

Please see the following for details:

  1. Your ZBrush 4 serial number will not change, nor will you be setting up a new Cleverbridge or Support account. This update simply installs a new folder for ZBrush 4R2 which must then be activated using your ZBrush 4 serial number. If ZBrush 4 is already activated on your computer you will see a message to "request a copy of the activation key. This creates a new activation code without counting the computer against your serial number a second time.
  2. If you have a CURRENT download link from Cleverbridge, clicking that link will now deliver the 4R2 version automatically. You can begin downloading immediately. The download link is in the same email that contains your serial number for ZBrush 4.
  3. If your download link from Cleverbridge has expired, you will need to wait for a new download link to be sent to you. For your convenience, that link will also include your serial number for ZBrush 4. Due to server capacity, they cannot send these links to everyone simultaneously. It may take up to one week for all emails to be sent. Please do not contact Support to request that your download link be renewed.
The upgrade emails will be sent to the address that is on record from your purchase of or upgrade to ZBrush 4. In other words, the same email address that your ZBrush 4 serial number was sent to. Please be sure to keep an eye on your spam filter or junk mail folder, as we know from experience that some of those can prevent the email from reaching your inbox. Only contact Support if you have not received the upgrade by Wednesday, September 28.

If you are a registered ZBrush user who has not yet upgraded to version 4, please go to https://support.pixologic.com. Register on the Support site if necessary and then create a ticket in the Upgrades department. Be sure to include as much info as you can concerning your ZBrush license purchase so that we can locate your account and upgrade you as quickly as possible. You will be upgraded directly to ZBrush 4R2. Your earlier version of ZBrush does not need to be installed.

:small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond: Documentation for the new version is installed with ZBrush 4R2. You will find a Documentation folder within your ZBrush 4R2 folder, containing PDF files covering the new features in both ZBrush 4 and R2. Online documentation is available at www.pixologic.com/docs/. We will also be adding new movies to the Education section at www.pixologic.com to demonstrate the new features and their use.

A FAQ has been posted to help you resolve any issues that might arise. We have also created a Questions & Troubleshooting thread for ZBrush 4R2 HERE.

© 2011 Pixologic, Inc. All rights reserved, Pixologic and the Pixologic logo, ZBrush, and the ZBrush logo are registered trademarks of Pixologic. Various patents pending. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Many times over, Thank you so much!




[edit] And 64 bit due in Zbrush 5…Can’t wait!

Yeah, many congrats, and thanks for all the continued hard work making ZBrush the amazing product it is! ZB4R2 looks like another incredible update (for free!), and I can hardly wait to receive my DL link!

Thank you, and congrats to the new baby, Pixologic! :slight_smile:

I want to see the new features!

thanks pixologic!!!

Yess, Dynamesh looks very promising in the previews.
Thanks for the update. :+1:

thanks a lot for all your hard work …

Feature list, yes! Finally!

And now, the long agonizing wait for a download link begins…

jumps in excitement



Also…ZBRUSH 5!!! :smiley:

Cant wait to receive that email.

I wonder if zbrush 5 will be a free upgrade?

:small_orange_diamond: mouse gestures can now be enabled or disabled in the Preferences.

My favourite new feature.

Looks great! Can’t wait to try out dynamesh in particular :slight_smile: Thanks Pixo team!

This is just AWESOME…a BIG thank you to the Pixologic team for the hard work!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

WOW, that feature list is impressive!!

Can’t wait to play with Dynamesh and those curve/slice/lathe brushes look awesome along with the createtri/quad/surface brush where you just draw a shape and it’s created with depth…Literally a tool I dreamt about…Awesome!!

I also like how the brush pallette has been streamlined, all the excessive brush variations taken away, cool.

I feel like a proud uncle! Well, distant? uncle, anyways…sniff :slight_smile:
Congrats team Pixo, happy days for all us Pixologians

And to top it all off, just like that, you announce you’re expecting again… a great big 64bit bouncing baby… happy days

Brilliant! What a fantastic release!