ZBrush 4R2 Unleashed!

This is looking GOOD! congratz! finally going 64 bit later, awesome!

Looks great, interested to try it but please Pixologic, please, please, please can we have these features added in ZB5:

Proper Multi UV Support with UV Viewer/Editor?

Ability to turn Masks ON/OFF (with a little button)?

Fixed loading .ZTL (broken Layers from older ZB3.5 R3 files)

Proper colour texture painting with Layer support in ZBrush?

Working real-time Transparency in Viewport?

Really can’t wait! I find myself checking my mailbox for the upgrade email every 20 minutes or so today. I think I may have obsessive–compulsive disorder due to all those amazing previews…

Ability to turn Masks ON/OFF (with a little button)?

The mask>viewmask button hides and shows masks?

Also you can save masks in layers, create a new layer, make sure record is on and paint a mask, switch record off to hide it, press record again to bring your mask back up! Create lots of reusable masks this way.

…Anyway, back to Zbrush 4R2, Woohooo!!

Zbrush iZ Zo amaZing!!!

As I say, a button in the panel to simply turn the mask ON/OFF, not hide or have to create layers or have to swap to a texture from a mask. A simple ON/OFF button :wink:

Anyway, looking forward to ZB5, Woohooo!

thanks a lot for all your hard work ,
Have a good news support on 64bit mode, that 's mean support large memory ?

Anyway, looking forward to ZB5

Soooo, if the serial for ZB4R2 is the same as ZB4, why the hassle with cleverbridge mails? Why not just throw the installer on-line and be done with it?

about time. now just to wait a lil longer.

because the ZBC server would explode a few seconds later.

There’s no guarantee the activations or downloads will be spread anyway. Isn’t this why we have cloud storage?

yes, that is very true, i remember one game company did tried the mothod like marczwan said, the server is down for around 1 week after the release of one game. ^^;

So no amazon cloud? I do think the logic is a bit screwy :).

I look forward to testing out the new features but what did they fix in R4.0 in regard to stability and bugs ? The deformation parameters have been pain in crashing me out consistently since I first installed.

I am aware of the change list in ZBrush 4R2 but as for bugs and fixes ?

I’m happy to see 64 bit is on the cards but I’m not predicting that an R5 is going to be any sooner than what most expect.

I’m on Windows 7 64 Bit.

Can’t wait!!thx

I started my download and walked away to get breakfast. When I returned it had stopped with only 216mb of the 398mb file downloaded. So now I have to start over (on my not so fast connection).

Anybody else having this problem?

it happen sometime that alot of people are downloading the magic ticket ^^, so, try again or try to use the resume feature from the third party software. it’s the best way to prevent that problem

Got the upgrade email, downloaded the installer and had no problems :+1:

Web activation went fine, just a minor hiccup at the end. But that got resolved by reloading a page.

Off to read the docs on this amazing upgrade.

can’t people put the installer file on file hosters like rapidshare , hotfile , filesonic , …

Since the serial key remains the same, nobody should have to wait for the downloadlink mail and you don’t have to worry about any traffic with those, they usually remain functional.

I still have all my cleverbridge emails, tested their downloadlinks , but they expired :wink:

Lucky Guys, I’m still waiting my magic E-mail :wink: