ZBrush 4R2 Betatesting By: Geert Melis

ill second this request

hey Geert nice and thorough as always :smiley: One’s always learning new tricks from you! :+1:

Awesome work
We are waiting more of your work!

Great work Mr. Melis. Thank you so much for sharing your process. I also have you to thank for getting me up and running with Noise Maker! I really appreciate it.

Is there any chance you might share that page showing how you made the tile-able chain mail alpha?


abhominal: thanks & you’re welcome!!! Yeah, Dynamesh is beyond awesome, allowing virtually limitless possibilities and experiments-> needless to say I’m looking forward to see what you’ll do with the new Z :slight_smile:

jmenna: hey Joseph, thanx for taking a look and the great comment man -> more soon!

majid_smiley: thank you Majid :slight_smile: ! I’m compiling the sheets with the custom alpha workflow right now and hope to upload them as soon as possible-> check back soon :slight_smile:

Ghostdancer: alpha update on the way (I’ll change the thread icon when I upload them) thanx for stopping by and checkin’ out tha worx :slight_smile:

Intervain: thanks Magda :), new tricks eh… look who’s talking… :slight_smile:

misterix10x: thanks for the great comment :slight_smile: I’ll probably manage more updates this week -> stay tuned!

poda: thank you very much Sir! I’m compiling the alpha sheets right now-> I originally planned to upload them when R2 launched but… family and work … . Aside from the tileable alpha, they’ll contain a very interesting extra tip too :slight_smile: check back soon!

Hi Etcher…:)…Hey,…Thank You.:+1:…Your tutorials and step by steps always make my life and learning journy a whole lot easier and enjoyable…Really and very much appreciated…Thank You Again…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

I can’t thank you enough for all the tutorials you gave us. You are awesome.

I want to thank you Etcher for making it easy for someone like me to understand. I do have a question though. Experimenting with your tut I find it easier for myself to work on a subtool with 0 thickness during this process, however I need to add thickness to get the piece to show up proper on my main tool. Is there a way to do this w/o screwing up the noise texture after it has been applied? I tried inflate and the result was interesting to say the least:confused:.

Spiritdreamer: thanks for stopping by man, you’re very welcome -> hopefully you can get something out of this update too :slight_smile:

Demonfetus: thanks so much here’s some mo’ :slight_smile:

Muddpit: You are very welcome :slight_smile: . I’m not sure I understand your question properly: what thickness are you referring to (or do you mean Strength?) I would work with layers and layer strength to accentuate the noise texture. Check out the update!

Hope these are helpfull - should we create a tileable alpha repository on ZBC?




Awesome update, thanks for taking the time!Great technique !:+1:
“should we create a tileable alpha repository on ZBC?”- I vote in favor of that! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing these workflow charts!
They are a great addition to your seemingly endless list of valuable info… very edutaining! :wink:


Hey Etcher ,

awesome model and thanks for the great tutorial


awesome presentation, great testing.
Great sculpting as always :+1:
Thank you Etcher

Ah damned 3 more to make! :lol:

Hey Geert! congratulations man, one of the best threads in here :slight_smile: great sculpting, amazing presentation, and priceless sharing!
You da man :slight_smile: Take care

Thanks for this great presentation. :smiley:

whole heartedly agree

Man, I love this community! Always willing to share some great tips. That’s why I love giving back as well. Thanks for some awesome tutes, Etcher! I always learn something new when I visit the forums. :slight_smile:

Thank you, this clears some things for me!

I must say I am impressed with your prensentation and thanks for sharing …