ZBrush 4R2 Betatesting By: Geert Melis

“I bought a Porsche last year. Today, the new model came out and guess what… they gave it to me for free… full option and all… . How cool is that!!!”

I was awestruck when I started working with the new ZBrush - I needed to flesh out a new Beast character for “The Thin Veil of Reality” and with all these new features at hand it was a great experience. Again, technical barriers are lifted, giving our imagination and creativity unprecedented freedom.

Betatesting Z4R2 was awesome!

Thank you so much Team Pixologic :slight_smile:

Noisemaker Fabric Creation Walkthrough:

Here’s the vid showing the workflow:


Here are the sheets showing how to create the tileable chainmail alpha:

A Great Collaboration:

For this next project, I had the honour to work closely with a very talented artist/ZBrush artist, fellow betatester and good friend Julian Kenning (ZBC name Julian_K). Not only is he a great visual artist but he is also a great composer. He was kind enough to create a piece of music especially for me to go along with the videos. I love to bring something extra to the presentation of my videos and it was great to “hear” this piece come to life while I worked on the vids. I need to thank Julian for that, and for the good advice and constructive criticism on my works.

ZBrush 4 hardsurface modeling: The weapons below where modeled entirely within ZBrush 4.
The videos below show the entire modeling process of the receiver. Follow THIS LINK to my Etcher_Sketcher thread to find new Step by Step sheets, reference sheets, alphas and a .ztl for download.



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Wow…thank you for sharing the information! Really useful!!

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do you know if they added instances to R2?

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awesome!!! thanks for sharing

finally Geert! Awsome Etcher style presentation as always. we gotta skype soon :slight_smile:

Awesome, finally some new Etcher stuff, great!:smiley:
That noise maker looks really handy!:+1:

Awesome Etcher, thanks for the info too, be back here for reference as soon
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<really nice tuts’:slight_smile: --looking forward to noiseMaker

Thanks for the Noisemaker video on the chain mail!

Great work! Thanks for all the tips, too!

Great stuff Etcher! thanks for the vids!

You always make it easy to understand and use.
Once again thanks for the tips

awesome as usual etcher!
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wow thank you for the explanations and for that video. without it i never would have figured out that to load an alpha i need to click that little tiny circle in the corner of the preview window. :o

SolidSnakexxx: hey Yong, thanks so much and you are very welcome!!! Look forward to see what you do with the new Z :slight_smile:

Abe_Tamazir: hopefully, you’re up and running by now… it’s magic! Regarding instances: if you mean duplicates of a subtool that automatically update as the original changes -> that’s not added (but Curve TriFill & radial symm gets you very far in shaping multiple instance at the same time though -> you gotta’ check it out) thanks for stopping by man :slight_smile:

Frenchy Pilou: hehe… I guess we’re up and running again -> more pages on the way -> I’ll email you asap (got a very busy weekend though) talk to you soon Pilou :slight_smile:

Bas Mazur: met plezier gedaan Bas :slight_smile: ! My pleasure – this new stuff should fit neatly, nicely and snuggly into your workflow!!

Lazy noob: hey man, thanks so much -> now get off your lazy butt & start sculpting!!! :slight_smile:

Julian_K: hey buddy thanks so much and yeah, it has been so… well… hectic(?!)… every minute spent in R2 was a pleasure! Hopefully we can Skype over the weekend -> got stuff I need to show ya!

Santis: thanks man -> I’m glad to be able to post new stuff! Noisemaker is great -> wait until you see it’s update! Thanks for stopping by man :slight_smile:

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Skaale: thanks man!!-> Noisemaker allows some very interesting experimenting (just wait until you see the Noisemaker update that’s underway…) I will use it in every future sculpt… .

Marco Splash: thanks Marco & you are very welcome -> Noisemaker will solve so many texturing problems!!
Derek Frenzo: thanks so much Derek!! So glad you like the tips :slight_smile:

Piggyson: Joseph, really appreciate you takin’ the time to drop me a line& you’re welcome!!! R2 is really, really good, don’t you think?

Burchigb: that’s a very nice comment -> I’m glad the tips are useful (and understandable) I was aiming at giving you a flying start :slight_smile:

Ineversleep: hey man, thanks for taking a look & the great comment :slight_smile: I’ll post more though!

Womanonfire: thank you and thanks for letting me know; I tried to explain a few items that became invaluable in my sculpting workflow –but a bit difficult to figure out- I’m glad the explanations are clear :slight_smile:

Oh boy… got a new toy and so little time to play…
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Thanks for putting such a great post together Etcher!

Had a chance to play with dynamesh today, and am mightily impressed - crazy new possibilities.

as usual, so very, very damn cool

great again ! Thanks for sharing,
do you have any tutorial to see how you make those custom Alphas ?