ZBrush 4R2 Beta Testing By: Stefano Dubay

Hello All!
It was a blast to test all the new, outstanding features of this new release!
it’s loaded!!!

My favorites additions are Dynamesh (I’m tempted to change my user to dynamesher ha!): total freedom from our dreaded topologies, create at the speed of your Vision! The new Clay Polish function helps in cleaning up sketches on the fly removing all the useless small imperfections. The Curve Brushes are a bit too much to explain in writings… you have to try them to believe! Render Filters gives an extra dimension to the images generated within Zbrush without any Photoshop post processing. Clip curve allows to separate sections of the model as independent pieces of geo!

anyway here are my humble attempts while trying to tame this beast:

This one had been all created starting with a cube and a curve for the deco’ part, then dynamesh maddness. All the teeth and the rest had been clipped out from the main chunk:


I have making of videos as well I’m sure the headquarters are going to link them here :slight_smile: right?

and here a very early WIP on something else that will pop up here in a little while longer…

thank you all!!












Interesting work. I like the first image, which immediately made me think of an old episode from Stargate SG-1 titled “Fire and Water”. Yours is better. :slight_smile:

Grate beast and skull one
Cant wait to make a creature as good as that :smiley:

whoa very cool

This is awesome! The first sculpt reminds me of “The creature From the Black Lagoon”! If anyone still remembers that monster. He put the fear of “God” into me as a child.
Great job.

outstanding work!

:)very cool =====

Well sculpted sea creature, a really massive head. The skull piece looks intriguing… would look good on my desk :slight_smile:

Love the weird 'n wonderful creatures 'n shapes that came out :cool:!

Skull started out as a cube? This is madness (this … is …Dynamesh!!!)All kidding aside, love the skulls and would lvoe to see
some timelapses if you have them…Thanks

I really like the skull piece! good work!


lunch time quicksculpt

I love the curvePinch brush!!!
also interesting application of the make 3D alpha function to make the chaos symbol.
Dynamesh, Slice and all the other tools are speeding up my process mightily!
1hr sculpt time
30 minutes color + render

hey guys anf gals!
thanks for the kind comments.
Yes the Skull was a cube once :slight_smile: and yes I had the making of video… unfortunately there was a bug in the beta that made them unextractable for now :confused: … if the situation changes I’ll post them
thanks again for following!
In the meanwhile enjoy the making of the image above!


Awesome job man, really inspiring, love the process and the final result :+1:

Here is a little tutorial on my process of making gesture sculptures in ZBrush using Dynamesh. They are super fun to do and can teach a lot on how the anatomy warps and deforms with motion.
Hope you’ll find it informative!




Hey Stefano

Great stuff. Thank you for putting this up.


Thanks for the tutorial.

You are welcome Droma :slight_smile:

That’s a nice tutorial. A shame more people haven’t noticed it yet.

I love threads like this, that companion of Nurgle totally reminds me of why I chose ZBrush.

I, as a teenager, used to love painting Warhammer 40k minis, but didn’t play the games much. I got into it when I saw a friends White Dwarf mag and saw a painted Great Unclean One, and was fascinated.

When (some many years later) I saw a ZBrush demo that would let you paint directly onto 3D models, I was so blown away! Not only could you create your own models, but paint them like minis!! So I coughed up the money and got a ZB license.

Recently I have been so busy, and suffered many distractions, as a result I have done little with Z, or any art for that matter. But your Nurgle model has just given me the inspiration and a proverbial kick up the ass I need to get back into this.

So thank you for sharing!

And thanks for the last tutorial too, it was kind of you to make the effort, it’s going to come in really handy!