***** ZBrush 4.0 Unleashed!

Welcome to the official launch of ZBrush 4.0 for Win and Mac!

The big day is here!

ZBrush was first released 10 years ago as a tool by artists, for artists.

Our vision has always been to develop new and innovative features that push the boundaries of what has been previously possible for digital art. We are thrilled to offer this new breakthrough 10th Anniversary ZBrush 4.0 Win or Mac version for download and purchase right now!

ZBrush 4.0 is packed with new and exciting features, additions and changes designed to fit your needs and the way you work. (You can explore these in more depth below.)

Our special thanks goes out to all those involved in the making and development of ZBrush 4: the beta testers, artists and all those who work at Pixologic offices around the world!

We trust that this exciting version of ZBrush will continue to be a major part of your day to day artistic work-flow, opening you to an ever expanding world of creativity.

We look forward to seeing your ZB4 work and comments on ZBrushCentral.com

Enjoy the journey and discovery!

The Pixologic Team

ZBrush 4 Features

Within the frame below we’ve provided an informative look at the key features in ZBrush 4.
Be sure to visit all four tabs, watch the many movies and see what the new version can do!

Want to See More?

Our beta testers have created a number of threads with exciting images,
tips for using the new features and even step-by-steps to showcase ZBrush 4.

<<<<ZBrush 4 BetaTesters Forum>>>

ZBrush 4 Plugins

In addition, all plugins have been updated for ZBrush 4 Win and Mac! They are available in the Download Center today! (Note: Some plugins from earlier versions are no longer available because their functionality has now been built directly into ZBrush 4.)

NEW!!! Multi-Map Exporter makes it easy to export texture, displacement and normal maps for every SubTool of your model at once. It even supports multiple UV regions!

:small_orange_diamond: More about Multi-Map Exporter
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for Multi-Map Exporter

With one click of the button UV Master automatically produces UVs for 3D models created by or imported into ZBrush. UV Master is designed to make the creation of UVs easily accessible for all artists who need to create human-readable UV maps for painting textures in any kind of 2D image editor.

:small_orange_diamond: More about UV Master
:small_orange_diamond: UV Master PDF Manual
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for UV Master

PaintStop is a powerful addition to ZBrush’s extensive plugin library. It configures your user interface and settings to give you the true-to-life feel of using real world art tools. In addition to the many brushes, pencils and paints that are available in PaintStop, you can choose from a variety of different canvas types to change the look and feel of your final piece.

:small_orange_diamond: More about PaintStop
:small_orange_diamond: PaintStop PDF Manual
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for Paint Stop

With 3D Print Exporter you will be able to export your favorite ZTool in STL or VRML format, opening you to the world of 3D printing. Now it’s possible for you to print your model! Sculpt your art in ZBrush, optimize if needed with the Decimation Master plugin and then export your work with 3D Print Exporter!

:small_orange_diamond: More about 3D Print Exporter
:small_orange_diamond: 3D Print Exporter Manual
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for 3D Print Exporter

With Decimation Master you will be able to easily reduce the polygon count of your models in a very efficient way while keeping all their sculpted details. This solution is one of the fastest available and is able to optimize your high polycount models from ZBrush, allowing you to export them to your other 3D software packages or output them from ZBrush using 3D Print Exporter. And in ZBrush 4, Decimation Master can now operate in full 64-bit mode!

:small_orange_diamond: More about Decimation Master
:small_orange_diamond: Decimation Master PDF Manual
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for Decimation Master


ZAppLink is a ZBrush plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate your favorite image editing software directly into your ZBrush workflow. Call up your image editing package while in ZBrush, use it to modify the active ZBrush document or tool and then go straight back into ZBrush. ZAppLink is also now available for the Mac!

:small_orange_diamond: More about ZAppLink
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for ZAppLink

TransPose Master allows you to pose a model with multiple SubTools by creating one combined model of each SubTool’s lowest resolution level. Once this low resolution version is posed you can then transfer the pose back to your original high resolution model with the click of a button.

:small_orange_diamond: More about TransPose Master
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for TransPose Master

SubTool Master allows you to mirror, duplicate and export all your SubTools at once, fill your SubTools with color/and or materials, import a group of models together to create a single Tool with multiple SubTools and much, much more!

:small_orange_diamond: More about SubTool Master
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for SubTool Master

This plugin is for adjusting your Draw Size, Focal Shift and Z intensity settings without interrupting your workflow.

:small_orange_diamond: More about Adjust Draw Size
:small_orange_diamond: FAQ for Adjust Draw Size / Focal Shift / Z Intensity

Note to Mac users: The LightBox web-access plugins are not included with the current download for Mac. They will be made available to download at a later date.

Please see the details below on how to get ZBrush 4.0.
There are instructions for both new purchases and free upgrades to existing customers.

Upgrading to ZBrush 4.0
All current ZBrush license holders are entitled to a free upgrade to ZBrush 4.0 Win/Mac, regardless of when they purchased ZBrush. If you currently have ZBrush 3.5 (PC) or 3.2 (Mac) you will be sent your upgrade instructions beginning now!

Upgrade instructions will be sent in batches over the next few days. In order to be completely fair to everyone, the order in which upgrades will be sent out has been randomized. [i]Please do not contact Support to inquire about your upgrade email before August 16.

UPDATE: All upgrade emails have been sent by Cleverbridge. If you did not receive yours, see here.[/i]

If you pre-ordered ZBrush 4 in the 10th Anniversary Special Edition packaging, you will receive an email with instructions so that you can download ZBrush 4 right away. This email will be sent out along with the upgrade batches above. In the next few weeks you will also receive your Special Edition package by mail.

If you never upgraded to the current ZBrush version (3.12 for Mac or 3.5 for PC) you will not receive an upgrade email. In this case, please submit a Support ticket at http://support.pixologic.com as soon as possible so that an upgrade link can be created for you. Be sure to include the purchase information for your current ZBrush license.

An option to purchase a backup CD will also be available for those upgrading to ZBrush 4.0. The Special Edition package is not available for upgrades at this time.

Purchasing ZBrush 4.0
ZBrush 4.0 is now available for sale in the Pixologic Online Store, for immediate download.

In addition to the usual backup CD option, Pixologic has also released a limited 10th Anniversary Special Edition package of ZBrush 4.0 for Win/Mac.

The Special Edition comes in a black metal case.

Due to the limited quantity of ZBrush 4.0 Special Editions, this package will only be available while supplies last.
ZBrush 4.0 Win/Mac downloads and optional Special Edition packaging (while supplies last) will be $699 per license.

ZBrush 4.0 in the standard packaging is also available to purchase from our authorized resellers beginning as soon as they receive their stock.

© 2010 Pixologic, Inc. All rights reserved, Pixologic and the Pixologic logo, ZBrush , and the ZBrush logo are registered trademarks of Pixologic, Inc. Various patents pending.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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