ZBrush 3 Pre-Registration is now open...

Updated 07/25/07: ZBrush 3 has been released. Please visit the upgrade page hereto upgrade to ZBrush 3.


Who is eligible for Pre-Registration:
*Windows users who purchased online or through a reseller.
*Macintosh users who have purchased their version online and would like a free of charge license transfer to the Windows version (This license can be exchanged for a Macintosh version once ZBrush 3 is released for that platform.)

All other users:
*If you purchased a Macintosh version through a reseller please contact support@pixologic.com to upgrade. Please include your Name, Reseller, Address and Email Address at the time of purchase.
*If you ordered 2 or more copies of ZBrush at the time please contact support@pixologic.com to register for your download link. Please include your Name, Order ID, Address and Email Address at the time of purchase.
*If you have purchased multiple copies of ZBrush but did so one copy at a time please register for each order individually. Make sure to enter your Order ID for each order.

To Learn More About ZBrush 3 Click Here.

Click here to go to the Pre-Registration page

If you encounter difficulties or require further assistance, please contact customer support at support@pixologic.com .
Please include your full name, email address on record, Order ID or reseller, coupon code, if you have one, and purchase date, if available.

Kick arse!!!

sweeet :+1:

Is the Coupon code the same as the POP code, I cant remember?


Just a note the date is input 2007-12-31 (year-month-day) for example otherwise it freaks out!! Just thought I’d mention it :wink:

Great news. I have two ID numbers connected with my original purchase. One is all numeric and the other is alpha-numeric with mostly all-cap letters. Which is required for pre-registration?



I think not, because POP means Proof of Purchase, and you have gave them the Order Number(pre-registerpage), the POP Code was only for activation purposes.(v1.x?/v2)

Btw i have a question too, i’ll post this here because it’s not related to the Z3 Update directly.

Will we sometimes later this year(or next year), beable to purchase a box for V3?
I ask because i missed the opportunity to buy a V2 box back then where it was available. ( i could bite in my foot for missing that. :wink: )

btw thx aurick for posting the info. :slight_smile:


Great news. I have two ID numbers connected with my original purchase. One is all numeric and the other is alpha-numeric with mostly all-cap letters. Which is required for pre-registration?

The Order Number should only be numeric(element5 case), the POP Code is alpha numeric.

I cant find any coupon code in any emails regarding perchase or even in element5 account. All that is are the order number and POP code. As far as I know the coupon code gets used once and you never see or need it again.

Mhh, i used (as example) 04.10.2004 (month, day,year), but i had to think about that, because here (Europe) we write day,month,year).

At least it worked for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah don’t know either for what the coupon code is, but it’s not required to register.

I found the coupon code, it was right at the bottom of one of the emails regarding the perchase.

Do you purchased it directly over the Pixologic Site?

I searched all my emails, didn’t find anything like that.

hehe, i will find it out soon enough if it’s not working. :wink:

Yea it was done via pixologic. I had another look at the pre ZB3 reg form, and it does say it needs at least 3 peices of infomation some of them shown as essencial on the form itself so you should be ok.

Name , address, order number and date of perchase should be enougth but I guess they added the coupon code for a reason, it may make it easyer if the form was 100% complete which is why I did this. Other than in a email you wont find the coupon code as its only used once to get your POP code.

Well, I have sent my registration in.

I purchased the program at the educational price from the USA from a registered Educational reseller.

Hopefully all will be well.



Excellent :):+1:

Yay, only painful part of the process was figuring out what the date was I purchased… I haven’t touched element 5 in over 3 years, and my original e-mail is fubar… lol It was fun and interesting but all is well now.

Done and waiting. Both Mac and PC license successfully registered :slight_smile:

WooT! My registration seemed to go through. Had to guess the purchase date in the end. Over 2 years ago now since i purchased. In the end i used the date that my pop code was sent to me. Fingers crossed though. Next week can’t come soon enough.


Ok, I registered, I put in the date of purchase, the date I purchased it online. Should I have put the date of registration in?

I bought ZBrush 2.0 (Windows direct download via Pixologic store) on Thursday there (thur10/05/2007) and enter in my details as shown in the emails I recieved.

I get a message saying they could not find my details in their database. I wonder if it takes a while for my details to actually be entered into the database? or are they ment to be automatically added?

I’ve emailed support and shall wait for a response, but just wondering if anyone elase is in the same boat as it were. :slight_smile:


I have also had the same problem with trying to pre-register. I also purchased zbrush recently, on the 8th actually. So it could take them a while to update their databases. I’ve also emailed support my details and are just await for a confirmation.