ZBrush 3 Beta Images/zack petroc

This beta opens a new chapter in digital content creation. At the moment this is the only sample I can post. This is part of an upcoming Art Directing Gnomon DVD. It covers designing a costume and sculpting cloth among other things.





Hey that looks cool. Its really wierd at the same time as well. Is he some sort of wierdo roman inventor? The sculpting looks great.

looking great zack. I get the feeling this will be the guy that is riding the frog/toade in the new dvd you just released?

Really imaginative work Zack, does this guy get created within the new dvd also? if so im sold!

ahh, the grand master of digital sculpting is in the house! excellent but weird stuff. I can’t even begin to guess what that contraption is used for, looks like something da vinci would have cooked up if he was on crystal meth :D…

also great hearing you call zb3 a ‘new chapter in digital content creation’. I have but the outmost respect for your knowledge in this field.

very nice …looks like an ancient inventor :+1: :+1:

Just great Zack as always! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hehe, what he isn’t showing is going to have you all climbing over people to get ahold of the dvd! :wink:

masterpiece , i love your stuff. :+1: :+1:

nice italian…ish style you’ve got here . :+1:

hey zack like this alot the detail is amazing sent you a pm!!..

Tutorial! Already! Damn you people! haha. I feel like a kid waiting for christmas again. Damn it! haha.

a beautiful sculpture. looks like the pose tool is topnotch.

How much base mesh modeling is being done in Maya and how much posing do you do in Maya now with Z3.

I bought your DVD recently about mudbox, just curious why you can’t reapply your displacement map to the reposed model.

nice! looking foward to the dvd

Great concept! My curiosity is aroused. :+1:

It’s like waiting for christmas and KNOWING that you’re going to get more than you wished for.

great to see something new from you sir.
it’s always a pleasure looking at your stuff.


What is that plate hanging in front of the guy supposed to be?

And on this upcoming art direction dvd, is it gonna be zbrush centric or general art direction?

hey zack,

nice character! its nice to see some clothes - and more inorganic objects!
I would like to know how you changed your workflow since you work with
zb3 - especially the first few steps…do you use zspheres/primitives or
imported base meshes? do you work a lot on low lvls or go up quick ?


Thanks for all the comments. Soon enough I’ll be able to show images of the entire piece, as well as the practical output. This figure is just one piece of the narrative so I should probably wait to talk about the design decisions until you can see it in context. This is the Froad pilot.

CrossBones- you can still re-apply the maps to a posed character, but for me the new posing functionality in ZB3 is a faster, more creative way to reach that goal. I end up going back to Maya on a much less frequent basis to make adjustments. Now that I’ve gotten a little more comfortable with the ZB3 posing I only go back to Maya to “snap” points.

Feureau-The plate in front of the character will be made of a clear shielding material
-The next DVD will be ZBrush Centric in the same way that my Human Anatomy DVD was. I’ll have a more extensive intro section covering the new ZB3 features, fifteen to twenty minutes, but the rest of the content will focus on using the tool to further your design as apposed to an overview of how to use the tool.

Zmith[21]-I still start by creating my base meshes in Maya. The one difference being that I can start even lower now, sometimes just with primitive cubes. This allows me to make sure I have proper scale relative to all my other creations and pipeline if my sculpt needs to fit back into production. As you know, every pipeline is different. The teams I work with render in all different software and I never know when scale is going to screw me. I’ve also been working on combining characters and environments in ZB lately so I need to make sure they are all relative.
-I still start with low levels and get as much detail as possible before I step up.
-This next version of ZB also has some great potential for creating hard-edge concept sculpts. I was surprised at the amount of controlled detail I was able to achieve. The DVD covers a lot of that, but I’ll also be posting demos and vids on my new web site to demonstrate.

Hope this answered everything, if not please let me know.