ZBrush 3 Beta Images/The latest Zbrush - ROCKS!!!!!!

Hello, I’m Jason Belec and I’ve been doing this stuff for over 23 years. It’s been a blast. Zbrush has opened up possibilities unheard of a few years ago. I have worked on various features and tv shows and concepts for such projects over that time. And I been involved with alot of new technologies some of which I’ve developed. Currently I’m in pre-pre-production for ‘Origins’ a feature created by my good friend Robert Fong. As the Director I cannot express how wonderous it is to have the latest iteration of Zbrush for concepts, character development and the outright ability to just try anything quickly. Zbrush has become the ‘No.#1 tool’ for development, enhancement, finalization and even tweaking. I hope you all enjoy it as much. :wink:

Here are some images. The dragon is ‘The White King’ in ‘Origins’. I’ve used the new tools to adjust things quickly and easily to get a sense of motion, style and to finess where the detail will be going in upcoming images.

The surfer-cyclops is based on a character on ‘The Eternal Zsphere Thread’ that was derived from the concepts of Atwooki (Chris Baker). This allowed me to test out ideas without giving away characters I’m working on for other people and has taken on a life of it’s own. Atwooki and I have plans for this fella and his girl! :wink:

Turntable: http://molecubes.com/cyclopswave.mov

Everything is Zbrush only…






Picture 3.jpg

Picture 4.jpg

Picture 5.jpg

Woah…dat’s some freaky stuff. On a another level…;o)

Jason- Great stuff as usual, I thought you had been a bit too quiet on the forum though just figured you had a ton of projects. Not a surprise your on the beta team, though it never did cross my mind either. Any 1 or 2 features that stood out for you and if so why? That is if your at liberty to mention at this stage. Can’t wait to see more of your stuff from Z3!! Your a big boost to this forum, your insightful help you graciously provide is one of the cornerstones of this forum. :+1: :+1:

Took them words outta my mouth.

So this is what them white dragons look like on that movie thread of yours. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: :laughing:

Weird and cool models…the first one’s very abstract to me…

Hello everyone, thank you.

AngelJ, I have been very busy. Acquired 2 companies on top of all the other stuff, like pre-pre-production for ‘Origins’. I have been a little quiet on the foums, but still present when I have a few moments. Always willing to help if I can, all anyone has to do is ask.

As for the favorite new tool/function I enjoy the most - ALL OF THEM!!! Still haven’t put more than 60% of the new stuff to good use. However if you look through all the forum images by all the testors you will see some amazing things. I’ve already drastically adapted my pipeline to take advanatage of the new speed and creativity.

A lot of the new techniques were used to adapt the zsphere base from the Eternal Zsphere Thread for the cyclops, then I just got carried away. :wink: I have some cool tuts that I will eventually post on how I got certain results. They might even make it into the Wikki, which has some of the coolest stuff ever explained…

All the techniques I used for the cyclops are being applied to the White King, and soon the Grey King and Dark King. I think the result will blow my mind anyway, each is so radically differnet from the other it is proving interesting. Robert has been drooling over the images so far.

I LOVE ZBRUSH! Shhhhhh, don’t tell my wife… :wink:

Hey Jason, nice to see you sharing this !

Cheers and stop kissing my sister please… :wink:

wow. Seeing all the kinda stuff here and in other z3 threads gives me soo much inspiration to push on and learn more. Thanks for sharing.

We are truly fortunate to have such an amazing and helpful guy like Jason. The art he does is amazing, keep em comming!

Hey, Jason. Good looking Z3 examples. Love the guy running off the giant tongue-diving board thingy. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. 50.

What the tongue? You want what you percieve as a tongue?!!! 50 buddy you are a sick puppy!!!

For the record it is a surfing cyclops, that is a surfboard and he is riding a wave, no more yellow snow for you man!!! :wink: To think I hold your art in high praise, oh, me, oh, my, oh, my, hmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmm!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ooops, sorry, Jason,…I didn’t read the ‘surfing part’. Now I get it. A thousand and twenty-seven apologies. Now I feel bad. I’ll just go away now. Cool pic though. 50.

I thought it was a phallic ectoplasm shaft that he was sliding down…

Cool stuff Jason! I still not quite sure where you going with the dragon yet detail wise, but the base structure is pretty sound. The feet look a bit too jagged right now, but they may change during the sculpt I assume.

What’s this Origins movie? Is it all CG? Or does it have some sexy 2d (most likely tradigitial)? And the even sexier cels, but no one uses that anymore. :frowning:

It’s wonderful to know the things I do draw out all the weirdo’s! I love you people, I really do.

50’sKID and billrobertson42, I can honestly say that any production that got both of you in the ideas department would defeinitely set new ground. I’m just not sre if that’s going to be an acceptble thing! :wink:

Hi womball, thanks for the plus’. The movie is live-action with 3 main characters all CG and probably several others that are less important. We’ll use some of those wonderful humans on this planet to fill out the rest of the cast. I’m just trying to find some time to get the blog up and the concepts for the other CG characters to a point Robert feels are a fit for his minds-eye.

The new Z3 has been very exciting in exploring options for things like skin, feathers and hair and I’m trying to leap ahead a bit. :wink:


Your winking muscles must be tired. :wink: You wink a lot. Looking forward to the movie. I’m still working on my abomination of animation. :lol:

I really love that guys pose and expression. My favourite shot is from the third thumbnail picture. Very dynamic.

Oh, and just for the record, I always knew it was a skateboard he was riding :wink:

Yes, Jason, we’d like more info on the movie. Cels, yes beautiful cels. Ah the memories of working in a studio flipping papers surrounded by walls lined with drying cels. Cels as far as you could see. A Sea of cels. Tables of happy cel painters. I remember talking about the possibility of a computer that could paint them digitally. It seemed out of reach, and now,… progress. :slight_smile:

I did cel painting for my Sophmore final 2 years ago. I even got to shoot on a oxberry with 16 mm color film.