ZBrush 3 Beta Images/Some Zbrush 3 images.

Hey Everybody.
My name is Jeff Feligno. Here are a couple characters I made using the beta version of Zbrush. This program is awesome. I have worked as a toy sculptor for about 6 years and now I am getting into digital sculpting. I have also taught figurative sculpture inside the computer graphics program at SVA. I’d like to thank the school and Pixologic for allowing me to take part in the beta testing. Hope you enjoy the work.







JeffFeligno_Upstate Alien.jpg


very nice works. are these going to be printed or turned into real models?

i graduated from sva and i wish i known about that class you taught. did you take those classes in 2005 or before?

Wow…Some of the best stuff I have seen here!!
Great Job!

really beautiful work! i really like the style.

let us know when these get made into real toys…i’d love one on my shelf.

that new material in ZB3 looks beautiful. I love the feel of it.

Great and inspiring work!

and the hits just keep on coming, sweeet stuff. great playing with mass and proportions. you deserve more praise than this actually, but I’m getting really jaded with all this great art :wink:

damn, that is some stylish sculpting. i love it.

Great style, really inspiring.

What great work and detail, thanks for showing us.

Insane level of control! Trully awsome work. You’ve kept the fresh/dynamic feel of a good sketch and tranformed it into 3d. Astounding!
I’d love to see more of your stuff, Do you have a website?

hey jeff!

really beautyful models. think it really shines though, that you’ve been doing toy-sculpts for some time (especially on the first one). love the bird skeleton on his helmet.


I like your alien.
Not sure about that titan, I think it is stretched too much, looks too wide,
big hands looks good but torso looks exactly what it is: “stretched in Zbrush”

Wow! Those look awesome! Love the style man. Keep them coming :+1:


Yes! outstanding work!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

intersting sculpts…nice!!

Fun stuff! I like them!

I love to see the first guy running.:slight_smile:
Great playful touches and details in abundance.

Awesome details… :+1: :+1: :+1:

Very cool style to your characters.

Very fresh!

Thanks for sharing,

NickZ. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just gave this guy a little more gear and some paint.
Every day I see great new posts so I felt like I should add to the pile.
He’s not finished but feel free to crit.








wow! love the look of this character! Love the muscle structure. Nice texture too! Curious, what toys did you used to make?