ZBrush 3 Beta Images/My work with Zbrush 3. Francois Rimasson (some nudity)

My name is Francois RImasson, and i work as a freelance artist.
I’ve been using Zbrush 2 for more than three years now, and i’ve been lucky to have the chance to betatest ZB3.

Whether it is to create characters for films, CG movies, next-gen games, or illustrations, working with Zb3 is for me an evidence.

The power of this version allows me henceforth to work on ultra hi-res modeles, (even on my 2 years old home PC) which I can sculpt, pose, create blendshapes for, texture, and render, without needing to work on another soft.

Indeed the transpose tool is really fantastic, but it’s far from being the only big feature of this release.
I love the new sculpting brushes, masking and projections tools, layers, subtools, and the new materials which allow me to get for example a subsurface scattering look in realtime, that is a major plus when i texture a model.

Here are some samples of my work.
Almost all these picture are straight renders from Zbrush 3, with the exception of the dragon that was rendered in Zbrush but post processed in Fusion, and the rat that was rendered with Maya/mental Ray.
























Forgive me … I’m hyper-ventilating … so much amazing art.

ow God,
incredible work, very nice

Stunningly beautiful sculptures!

I’m O.D’ing on all this amazing scuplting…“freaking cute as hell rat”! (my girlfriend screams out as she passes by the monitor)…she just wants to “squish” him. (must be a girl thing).

Rimasson- Awe-inspiring works… its no wonder you were on the beta team, luck had nothing to do with it. Your ability speaks volumes through your images. :+1: :+1:

The last render of the posed girl’s very inspiring for me…thank you for showing us ! :+1: :+1:

That woman looks great. Lovely pose and great skin. How long did that take to pose, I asume in zbrush3?

Just great, again. The girl in the end is my favourite ! Great style.

Is the last image rendered in ZB3 ?

The girl was rendered in Zb3, without any colorcorrection or anything else.
It took 2 days to get the right pose. The Transpose tool helped a lot, i didn’t have to skin the whole model, and most of the time was used to tweak the pose, the skin folds and deformations.

Thanks for your kind comment, all of you. :slight_smile:

The SSS effect on the girl is amazing. Very exciting examples. Thank you for sharing.

Wow! I mean… WOW!!

Very clean models, and that dragon… I can almost feel it’s scales…

The women is gorgeous, can I meet her?


was I hallucinating or did I see the words “subsurface scattering look in real time”??

Dude! I love the rat!!! You didn’t post this during the testing! I love them all (as I posted on the beta forum), but that rat got my attention - wonderful! :wink:

Great art man. The girl is my fav.:wink:

It’s between the rat and the art deco resin beauty with the strawberry flavoured hair for me.

Superb skill in all your examples. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi, salut francois

Je me demande quelle est ta fa facon de travailler avec fusion pour les render, est-ce posible de voir une explicaton, pdf, images rapidement.

Ask to me how you made post postproduccion in fusion? We can see something for explain us how you made that ? Like a pdf or captures images

thanks, merci,

I just use fusion to create Depth of field and to do some color correction.

Can Mental Ray handle displacements with full HD mesh?

Wow. Those are great. Especially the dragon.