**** ZBrush 3.5 R3 for Windows Released


Impressive new features!

Uh, MAC version? September came and went, so were is 3.5 for MAC. Windows users get to experience the awesomeness of 3.5 but what about us. Come on, I can’t wait! Pixologic, it would be a great Christmas present.

I am utterly dumbfounded. Pixo has read our minds…All Hail Pixologic.

Finally! Now I can export out my models into x normal! I hope the vista problem has been resolved, where you had to enter the program as an admin, or face the program hanging up on you indefintely.

Also can you reset skeletons from a pose without having to rebind it?

Yes PIXO! Where’s the Mac version!!??

I think all of us Mac folks have been WAY MORE than a little bit patient with your constant promises. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut, and waiting very, very patiently, and even extolling the virtues of ZBrush, and Pixo’s ‘seeming’ new and better treatment of the Mac community - but it seems I have been proven wrong once again.

‘Windows, Windows, Windows’ is ALL we’re seeing. Where’s the Mac v3.5?? And if you’re NOT going to ‘get around to it’, just SAY SO, so we can all move on.

Enough is enough. We’d like AT LEAST a little freakin’ communication!!!
Comprendé?? Savvy??

And, after seeing yet another Windows release, I’ve just emailed info@pixologic.com too.

I’d like an answer. Yesterday! :mad:


Man… could not have come at a better time for me as I was just about to start a new project… GREAT

Is R3 working with older CPU’s now without SSE2? Or is it not possible to make the new Zbrush 3.5 run on older systems too?

And you know, it would be nice if all of you Windows folks would rally together with us Mac folks, and demand an answer from Pixo!

How would YOU feel if all you ever saw was Mac updates!? We’re all ZBrush users here, and we SHOULD support each other!

Everyone should be bombarding Pixo, and asking for a reply! ANY COMMUNICATIONS for us Mac folks would be nice. We’ve been promised over and over again, ‘it’s coming, it’s coming’ for months and months, and still no updates, or even the smallest little communication about when it’s coming!

Write them:


or the COO, Jaime LaBelle


or Public Relations


Everyone PLEASE join together, and email these people! All we’re asking for is a little communication. When is v3.5 for Mac coming??

Rally together folks!!

And they ARE watching this forum!

I intend to keep posting here until I get AN ANSWER from Pixo.

Tomorrow morning, I"m going to start CALLING on the PHONE until I get an answer from someone at Pixo.

I’ll make it easy for ya! Here’s their phone number:

1-888-748-5967 Toll Free!!

All Mac folks - and anyone else that cares - call them!!

Join me, people. Let’s get an answer!

Looks awesome! I really hope there are some updated help files for all this new stuff.:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

This note on the bottom of the R3 for Windows announcement in this thread:

“Note for Mac users: Now that ZBrush 3.5 has been finalized, we will continue updating ZBrush for the Mac OS X platform.”

It has??? Then where is it???

Continue updating?? You haven’t updated ANYTHING for the Mac since 3.2!!

If 3.5 has been ‘finalized’, why don’t we have it?

Since the most recent version has not worked since the day is was introduced, pardon my nonclicking of heels.
Will not install until zbrush 4 ( if it were not for the Maya plugin would
not even care about that.)
Best of luck to the rest of you (sincerely)

Sorry to hear that, bicc39!

ZBrush4?? Good luck. We can’t even get 3.5! We’ll colonize Mars before Pixo ever releases v4!

Wouldn’t be so bad if they’d just communicate and let us know what’s going on, but ‘certain’ people at Pixo are just as haughty and arrogant as ever, as I’ve said on occasions before.

They know they have the #1 3D sculpting software in the world, and to hell with the customer, we’ll do as we please.

It’s pure arrogance. All this chest-thumping about “v3.5 and v4 will be a free update to all registered users” is just a bunch of showmanship. 'Look how generous we are to you!"

Sounds good on the forum, but it doesn’t mean a damned thing if they don’t release the software! Mac folks were promised 3.5 MONTHS ago, and still all we ever see is Windows updates! 3 OF THEM, and still no 3.5 for Mac.

“Since the most recent version has not worked since the day is was introduced…”

Really? I can’t NOT get my ZBrush 3.5 version to work perfectly! It’s been awesome so far and now with this Release 3…get ready to quote me Pixologic…

…Holy F$*king S%$t!!! ;oD

You rock Pixologic. You. Rock.

:smiley: They just gave us Booleans!!! And I can poke holes in my mesh now!!

wow! :smiley:

Congratulations, guys! I’m glad everything is going well for you!! :smiley: Obviously, Windows users…

You wouldn’t be so happy if you were on a Mac, waiting for months without ANY updates, and without even a single reply to the many Mac people who have asked a simple question, and been ignored, over and over again…

All they would have to say is ‘Sorry Mac folks, but we’ve hit some snags, and it’ll be a couple months before we get 3.5 out’. But they don’t. They don’t, and WON’T say ANYTHING.

You think Pixo rocks? Good for you. ZBrush rocks. Pixo, and their idea of ‘customer service’, is very, very poor; and rocketh not.

Very cool guys. Looking forward tot he release.

I Love You!