**** ZBrush 3.5 R3 for Windows Released

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In addition,

ZBrush 3.5 R3 includes your favorite plugins:

:large_orange_diamond:ZAppLink 3
:large_orange_diamond:Image Plane
:large_orange_diamond:HD Render All
:large_orange_diamond:Turntable Plus
:large_orange_diamond:SubTool Master

:large_orange_diamond:Transpose Master
:large_orange_diamond: Decimation Master
:large_orange_diamond:3D Printing Exporter
:large_orange_diamond: Adjust Draw Focus Z Size

ZBrush 3.5 R3 Windows is a free upgrade to all registered Windows users.

ZBrush 3.5 R3 is now available for download! Please see the following for details:

  1. Your ZBrush 3.5 serial number will not change, nor will you be setting up a new Cleverbridge or Support account. This update simply replaces the downloadable file that is associated with your account.
  2. If you have a CURRENT download link from Cleverbridge, clicking that link will now deliver the R3 version automatically. You can begin downloading immediately. The download link is in the same email that contains your serial number for version 3.5.
  3. If your download link from Cleverbridge has expired, you will need to wait for them to send you a new link. Due to server capacity, they cannot send these links to everyone simultaneously. It may take a few days to get all the links sent out. Please do not contact Support to request that your download link be renewed.
The upgrade emails will be sent to the address that is on record from your purchase of or upgrade to ZBrush 3.5. In other words, the same email address that your ZBrush 3.5 serial number was sent to. Please be sure to keep an eye on your spam filter or junk mail folder, as we know from experience that some of those can prevent the email from reaching your inbox. Only contact Support if you have not received the upgrade by Monday, November 30.

If you are a PC user who has not yet upgraded to version 3.5, please go to https://support.pixologic.com. Register on the Support site, then create a ticket in the Upgrade category. Be sure to include as much info as you can concerning your ZBrush license purchase so that we can locate your account and upgrade you as quickly as possible.

Note for Mac users: Now that ZBrush 3.5 has been finalized for the PC, we will continue updating ZBrush for the Mac OS X platform.

:small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond: Documentation for ZBrush 3.5 is now available online in the ZBrush Wiki. Also, if you do a Default installation of R3 you will find a New Features PDF as well as a Tutorials PDF to get you started.

Questions and Troubleshooting for ZBrush 3.5 should be posted in the Q&T forum

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This is Fantastic!!! Finally is here!! the plugins that we need it! The pen tools are simply outstanding!! now im gonna cry, haha im so excited!! Thank you very very much Pixologic!

:+1: :smiley: :+1:


Thank you Pixologic!

Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’m getting gitty again:)

Though, where is GoZ!?:mad:

WOW! :slight_smile: Can’t wait for this. Thanks Pixologic!!!

And the good stuff just keeps coming, bravo pixologic

Wow! I wasn’t expecting this. I’m amazed once again by how much creativity goes into these tools.
Looking forward to the group masking, polish brush and remesh, but the best news is that the plugins are back!
Thanks guys!

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When will there be some upgrades for the mac users?

oh wow :smiley: i dont see any mention of GoZ though? or did i miss it?

WOW!!! can’t wait till tomorrow!!!

Love’n it. Edge loop action! Can’t wait.

:smiley: Zapplink -yay! thnx guys - I like toys like that :smiley:




btw…where’s my Mac version. This sucks watching PC upgrade videos.

3 versions of 3.5 and no version for Mac. Not fair.

Super awesome! thanks guys!

Anybody know if this is going to address the horrible import/export scale issue’s that 3.5 seems to have?:qu:

Wow, brilliant!
Awesome update! Thanks pixologic! :smiley:

Bring on the OSX version! Good to hear development can focus on bringing the Mac version back to parity again.

Mac, oh is it September already?