Zbrush 3.0 sculpts WIP

Hi im sharing some sculpts that im doing just to study Zbrush 3.0…i will keep the post updated
please comments will be welcome




Looks good did you make this from the demo head or did you make the base mesh yourself. Also did you paint the eyes or is this renderer externally?

Real nice your model Fernando
Keep the good study man


Jack WIP…

great looking Jack…his eyeballs kinda threw me off at first but the more I look the more I see you nailed him! now color him up!! :smiley:

Nice head, real nice 5*

thanks !!! :+1:

Jack… updated.


Hey Fernando!

Very nice heads man, I really like that Jack one! Congratulations. You got 5 stars from me too!

Keep it up, dude!
Cheers, Thiago.

hey man!!!
I love this old guy!! Really nice stuff :wink:

great!! really love the sculpts ,amazing work in the last one

Alex Oliver

Hey dude,

realy great Work!!!

nice job…i really like this man.

Amazing , good JOB:)

hey fernando …
it looks very nice the Jack … the eyes is a little fake … but qhen you start painting him i know you will do a good job
keep the good study man

Jack’s side view


texture preview that i did with polypaintjacktest-.jpg

Wow, fantastic stuff!

Great work, I love Jack, and I think you nailed the likeness, esp. the all-important eyebrows and mouth! If you’re prepared to accept crit from someone who couldn’t manage work this good to start with I have a couple of thoughts. The wrinkles above the eye seem a bit regular, and the texture on the cheeks and nose is a little hard. Also the forehead seems a touch ‘spotty’, but I only offer these ideas because the work is so close to perfect. Love the polypainting, I’m trying to grasp that myself, you’ve got it down beautifully. Hope to see more.:+1: