Zbrush 3.0 sculpts WIP

Great Fernando!!

Alex Oliver



Very nice! Looks a lot like Jack! Are the eyebrows the same mesh or separate?

jack nicholson, looks awesome man

Interesting models thus far. I believe the reference photo you used for jack was photo by a man named Martin Schoeller. comparing the two, Jack’s lips are a bit thinner and wider than what you have here. Your model has a bit more striations on his eye lids. It seems your first attempt was closer in head width, I don’t know if this is from not turning on the perspective camera or not but it very well could be. In the reference, there are a bit more striations in the nose below his clenched brow.

But overall nice likeness.

real great art. especially jack… he reminds me a little of anthony hopkins…


Alex Oliver

Witch. (WIP).


Excellent stuff. :+1:

:smiley: very nice!!!

Very very cool, god job

Very nice FerD4!

Just a tip of who I am:
“Vai se f****, FILADAP…” :smiley:

Wow, the witch is brutal! Awesome sculpt, great details. Kinda looks like Paris Hilton from the inside…:lol:


“THank you all for the critics and comments. I´ll try to make my work even better now and I´ll be posting some new models very soon. Thanks!”

Hello people…


Nice work here friend. :slight_smile:

i like the expression and the work around the eye, good model :+1:

great model Fernando!

Alex Oliver

womam (WIP)


The hair looks like a foamy unnatural thing, and not something growing out of the head. The strawberry look of her nose is a big contrast to the other parts of her skin. The forehead is a bit too high.
The mouth and eyes are the result of nice sculpting :+1: