ZBrush 2021.1.2 Released


Pixologic is pleased to release ZBrush 2021.1.2. This important update to ZBrush 2021 includes the following:

Version 2021.1.2

  • Claypolish Surface adjusted
  • Gizmo3D snap rotation updated
  • Subtool renaming dialog box returned to normal size
  • Fixed BPR NPR Filter render issue
  • Resolved Dynamesh precision crash with subtractive elements
  • Increased ZSketch stability
  • Mask By Smoothness adjusted
  • Fixed copy and paste issue with NanoMesh Subtools
  • Fixed Document ‘Double’ stability issue
  • Fixed Morph target causing shattered geometry
  • ZModeler >> Poly >> Inset >> Polygroup Island should no longer crash with triangles
  • Optimal performance updated to increase stability
  • Weld Points adjusted
  • NoiseMaker Angles now can be used in 45 degrees
  • Preferences: >> Performance >> Optimal now stores with the config
  • Locked custom interface buttons can now be removed
  • Fixed issue involving canvas layers
  • Directional masking issue resolved when using roll brushes
  • Vertex Color issue resolved with OBJ import
  • Gizmo3D screen space move stability improved
  • 2.5D color spray simple brush issue resolved
  • FBX export polypaint amended so that displays correctly in 3ds Max
  • Alembic UVs merged on export
  • Preferences >> GoZ display issue corrected
  • Decimation Master now checks for Layer in record mode

Update History

Version 2021.1.1

  • Resolved Spotlight jitter on Mac OS
  • Micropoly directory restored on FL licenses
  • GoZ pathing on Mac OS restored

Version 2021.1


Preferences >> Tablet >> Tablet Driver API to determine how ZBrush works with Windows Ink, affecting performance when using a tablet on Windows. If you experience lag issues when interacting with models, trying one of these other settings should resolve them.

  • There are 3 options:
    • WinTab (default mode): Will not handle Windows Ink. This will operate like it did in ZBrush 2019.
    • Stylus: Handles Windows Ink the same way it did in 2020.1.4.
    • WM_Event: Handles Windows Ink the same way it did in 2021.


  • Stability improved when using ‘Transpose Cloth’ and Firmness
  • Preferences >> Gizmo 3D >> Tap to Exit Gizmo Mode now saves with Preferences >> Store Config
  • Gizmo3D ‘Go to Unmasked Mesh Center’ now respects local symmetry
  • Converting ZSpheres to adaptive skin no longer causes twisting on macOS
  • ZModeler Point >> Move >> Snap to Surface will now save with custom ZModeler brushes
  • SubTool function stability improved (scrolling, deleting, appending)
  • Gizmo3D ‘Inflate’ functionality returned to 2020 settings
  • Draw Draft Analysis rendering updated
  • Improved Dynamic Subdivision Post SubDiv rendering
  • Increased navigation speed when using models with PolyFrame and PolyPaint
  • Transferring of texture detail to PolyPaint improved
  • Improved SnapShot3D PolyGroup generation
  • Plugin: Text 3D and Vector Shapes updated on macOS
  • Plugin: TransPose Master updated


  • TrimRect brush functionality returned to normal
  • Pinch brush adjusted
  • Blob brush adjusted

For a recap of what is in ZBrush 2021, click here.


If you have ZBrush 2021 (any point version):

You have two ways to get ZBrush 2021.1.2

  • In your ZBrush installation directory, run the ZUpgrader application. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your version.
  • If you prefer a stand-alone installer to an update, begin by uninstalling ZBrush 2021. Next, download the ZBrush 2021.1.2 installer from My Licenses.
    Please note that this will not modify your current ZBrush installation or desktop shortcuts. It will create a new directory and new shortcuts.

If you have ZBrush 2020 or below:

Follow the instructions in our Knowledgebase Article to upgrade. This will give you ZBrush 2021.1.2 from the outset.

Please note that this will not modify your current ZBrush installation or desktop shortcuts. It will create a new directory and new shortcuts.

Happy ZBrushing! :slight_smile:


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