UV Master Issue in 2021.1.2

hi! i think there is something working very bad in this version of zbrush with the UV master, dont know why, but flips all my subtools normals when i press the UNWRAP button

Hello @Raynert

Sorry you’re having some trouble!

I can’t immediately reproduce this, but I have seen it reported previously. It is mostly likely due to some aspect of the tool you are working with. Remember that UV Master works best with meshes with a lower polycount.

All I can really do here is make guesses, but it would be valuable to me to understand what is causing your issue. The most efficient way for me to do this is to be able to examine your file.

If you’re willing, can you go to the Pixologic Support page and start a conversation about this issue? You can attach the problem file–try to delete any other tools or content not contributing to reproducing the issue. Mark it " Attn: Spyndel", and it will find me.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks! i think is happening only with geometries affected with dynamics cloths, i will try to capture this issue next time. thanks again @Spyndel

Hello !

I am having a similar issue with my model in working with UV Master…I have tried to unwrap with symmetry both active and not on, but keep getting failures in trying to do so…is there any way you could examine it as well